Personality Test – What do your Funny Quotes say about you?

Welcome to a new personality test! Curious what your your idea of “funny” says about you? I know I am : ) Please read the quotes below – which one sounds more like you?

  1. People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.“ Isaac Asimov
  2. Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” Mark Twain
  3. I can resist anything except temptation.” Oscar Wilde
  4. A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” Steve Martin
  5. The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.” Thomas A. Edison


  1. You’re all too aware that you don’t know everything, but there are a few things you’re certain of; you’re responsible and always double- and triple-check, so you’re confident; mature and intelligent.
  2. You have deep understanding for the human being and its weaknesses; you don’t consider yourself above them, you’re usually kind and calm and understanding, but when you lose it, it can get ugly.
  3. You’re a refined intellectual whether you know it or not, and you enjoy a bit of decadence now and then; by contrast you may be a rather clear-headed person, trusted to make the right decisions by day, but you may shed skin at night, so to say.
  4. You’re mundane and have little patience for ambiguity; you may have a latent or subconscious disdain for over-intellectuals and philosophers; you’re quick-witted and often sharp-tongued.
  5. You place great value on reason and intelligence, you may secretly think they can save the world; you may consider impulse and temperament lowly, and be mad at yourself when you fall prey to them – you’re only human, you’re aware, but you strive to grow constantly.

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Personality Test – What do your Money Quotes say about You?

Time for another special personality test! Today we’ll look at what your attitude to money says about you. Please read the quotes below – which one sounds more true to you? Your choice will say something about you . . .

  1. “The lack of money is the root of all evil.” – Mark Twain/George Bernard Shaw
  2. “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it won’t replace you as the driver.” – Ayn Rand
  3. “I have always been afraid of banks.” – Andrew Jackson
  4. “If I have enough money to eat I’m good.” – Shia LaBeuuf
  5. “Never spend your money before you have earned it.” – Thomas Jefferson.


  1. You’re wise about money, and even though you’re totally NOT avaricious or in love with money, you know you can’t live without it; you’re realistic, dependable and strong; you feel good about yourself when you earn money, because it makes you feel you’re strong enough to master the system.
  2. You’re idealistic and sometimes you wonder about this invention called money. To you, it’s more of a matter of philosophy. It doesn’t interest nor does it bother you that it exists, but you’re a freedom lover, and need of money is a restriction you’d rather people didn’t have.
  3. You’re probably more of an artist and an intellectual; you may be highly intelligent, but financial and technical progress might be a challenge to you; on the other hand, this shows that you’re wary of the inventions of powerful people – they did a lot of harm before.
  4. You have a rather utilitarian kind of thinking, or you’re concerned with matters much above trivial greed and craving of luxury; you may be above the trivial in quite a number of ways, and you may see way beyond them; you’re well-grounded and sort of intellectually “elevated” at the same time.
  5. You’re definitely money savvy – or at least money talented; grounded and smart, reliable and hard-working, present and cautious, your mind works like a Swiss watch; you’re mature and mostly right, so you have every reason to be confident.


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Quiz – What do your Love Quotes say about You?

Time for a special quiz, prepared carefully with love! Please read the famous quotes  below – which one appeals to you most? Your heart’s choice will say something about you . . .

  1. „Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible tot he eye.” H. Jackson Brown Junior
  2. “True love is like ghosts which everyone talks about and few have seen.” Francois de la Rouchefoucauld
  3. “Take away love, and our world is a tomb.” Robert Browning
  4. “Love is like war: easy to begin, but very hard to stop.” H.L. Mencken
  5. “The course of true love never did run smooth.” William Shakespeare


  1. You are wise and deep; possessive and demanding, but also accommodating, perhaps sometimes indulging; you’re idealistic and have the wisdom of insight rather than the wisdom of experience.
  2. Your feelings run deep; your love is hard to earn, but once obtained it’s rock solid; to you, love must encompass body, soul and mind, and must be tried in the challenges of time.
  3. You’re incurably romantic and dreamy; you not only dream of the perfect love, but can also be the embodiment of romance; you make efforts for that, you’re sweet and kind.
  4. Your feelings are so intense, that even you’re afraid of them; you keep control on them because once they roll, they’re like an avalanche; you’re probing and demanding.
  5. Your soul is old, no matter how young your body; you either have a lot of experience or you’re a keen observer; you have understanding for your partner and are capable of loving their imperfections.

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Quiz 5 – What kind of Lover are You?

Welcome to Quiz 5 of the Quiz Series – What kind of Lover are You? Just like last time on the What’s Your Calling Quiz, this one will be crisp – it’s time to find out some of the darker sides of yourself as a lover.

Note: this may be more applicable for men (but not only!). The next quiz next week will be more applicable for women (but again, not only!)

For this purpose, please answer the question below with the utmost sincerity:

Which of the following would you bring to a romantic date?

  1. A rose
  2. A jewel
  3. A poem
  4. Condoms
  5. A business card


  1. A rose – you’re a good manipulator; you’re charming, a seducer but sometimes also a heart breaker;
  2. A jewel – you know how to make your date feel valued; you follow your interest, you conquer and you possess;
  3. A poem – you’re an incurable romantic; you impress with your mind, you seek communication, but you might end up in the friend zone often;
  4. Condoms – you like to always be prepared; you’re well anchored in the mundane world; it’s hard for you to choose a partner; you might be busy with your work, or be easily bored with your dates;
  5. A business card – you love with your mind more than with your heart; you believe in the superiority of intellect over feeling; you’re prone to good arrangements, not good romances.

Of course, once aware of some of these things, they can be either sharpened or blunted according to your wishes. For that, you might need to know more. Stay tuned for the next quiz of the series next Thursday, but until then, make sure you keep an eye open for this blog, there are many more goodies to come.

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Personality Test 4 – What’s Your Calling?

Welcome to a special edition of the What’s your Calling? Series Personality Tests! This time we’ll make it short and crisp, and we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty – some specific discoveries about your professional inclinations. Please answer the following question (to yourself or to us too in a comment – we’d love that!) with the utmost sincerity, as you did in the previous quizzes:

Which of the following possible (fictional!) Movie Titles appeals to you more:

  1. I saw more than just a ghost
  2. Money Jackals
  3. The Nurse
  4. The Unknown History of Pharaoh P.
  5. New earthlike Planets – BBC documentary


  1. I saw more than just a ghost – Personality: inclinations to the abstract; writer, worker in the visual arts, coach.
  2. Money Jackals – Personality: mundane and driven; broker, financial advisor, accountant, banker.
  3. The Nurse – Personality: helper, selfless; doctor, nurse, therapist, counselor.
  4. The Unknown History of Pharaoh P. – Personality: inquisitive, logical thinking; archeologist, lawyer, researcher.
  5. New Earthlike Planets BBC documentary – Personality: curious, dark depths; writer, scientist, professor.

If you enjoyed this personality test, stay tuned for more of the What’s your Calling? Series Personality Tests next Monday, but until then don’t miss the next quiz of the What kind of Lover are you? Series Personality Tests on Thursday.

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Quiz 4 – What Kind of Lover are You?

Welcome to Quiz 4 of the Series Quizzes – What Kind of Lover are You? Today’s question is:

Which of the following descriptions do you feel suits you best? Do you feel you are

  1. The Sweetheart
  2. The Provider
  3. The Parental
  4. The Friend
  5. The Lover

Please keep as honest as humanly possible in choosing an answer, since it is absolutely necessary in order to get the right interpretation. Speaking of interpretations, here they are for each choice:

  1. The Sweetheart – You’re emotional and sensitive; you need love declarations and devotion, time and warm embraces; you offer the same, dedicating yourself entirely to your beloved; you’re idealistic and believe in “fantasy” and “perfect,” but this may cost you a good real-life lover; you may be shy or fragile, and many people underestimate how vulnerable you truly are; you’d adore an intuitive lover who can appreciate that about you.
  2. The Provider – You tend to the needs of your beloved, but this says much more about you as a lover than you might expect; you feel your lover’s needs as if in your own flesh, and you’d even die for the one you love; you’re quiet, but your feelings are profound; you’re not exactly exuberant or verbose in the expression of your love, but you won’t spare any effort to make sure your beloved is well taken care of; capable of sacrifice and selflessness, nothing hurts you more than betrayal.
  3. The Parental – You’re protective, but you also secretly think you know things better than your beloved; you can’t help feeling that they’re alone in the world without you, and that you’re the mature one who should steer their decisions; you’re reliable and always there for your beloved, and you’re giving the relationship your heart and soul; you can be demanding and your lover might sometimes feel smothered and even oppressed, or it can be the other way around – your lover may be clingy and immature in your eyes.
  4. The Friend – You place great value on your beloved’s trust; you want them to feel completely safe with you, and you’re able to put up with the darkest secrets in order to achieve that; to you, durability isn’t in the love, but in the respect and intimacy; you desire complete intimacy with your beloved in order to reach the peak of true love; you need to truly know them, and you also need them to know you – not as thoroughly, though; you prefer to keep “safe” by keeping certain things only to yourself.
  5. The Lover – You’re a lot about sensuality and physical intimacy; the sweetness of love-making or consuming passion helps you understand your lover on a deep level; to you, the physical aspect of the relationship is very important because you’re a tactile person who experiences and knows the world through their senses above all else; you can put it this way – you “decode” your surroundings and your lover through your senses; you suffer greatly if you’re denied the physical part of a connection, and don’t completely feel it; to you, the connection cannot survive without physical love.

If you enjoyed this quiz, stay tuned for more of the What kind of Lover are you? Series Quizzes on Thursday.

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Quiz 3 – What is Your Calling?

Welcome to a new quiz of the Quiz Series – What is your Calling! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. Put together, your choices of answer to these quizzes will create an individual picture that will help you discover what your true calling is. This is today’s question, which will give you a window into the more profound matters of your true inclinations:

Which of the following objects sparks your interest most?

  1. An old painting
  2. A vintage pen
  3. A city wallpaper
  4. A carving knife
  5. A pair of shoes


  1. An old painting – a window into the past; the past helps you understand a person’s present; you’re an observer; details are important, but you never forget the importance of the big picture; you dig and you watch, listen and assess; you have good insight, patience and you’re often calculating; you may have inclinations as a therapist.
  2. A vintage pen – you’re happy in your own company, you’re creative and you have a love of freedom; you understand the price of the latter though; you have an eye for valuable things and you may even be a collector; you may even be a person of structure; you’d do good in antiques trade or creative writing – but you’d have to choose, people with these inclination often have trouble making them work together.
  3. A city wallpaper – you go with the flow of modernity; you’re influenced by society’s expectations, and you’re good at fulfilling them as well! You’re ambitious and hard working, even creative in your means and ways when you must; you gauge success by the appreciation of the world around you; you might do good in corporate life or entrepreneurship.
  4. A carving knife – you’re inclined to the crafts; you enjoy disconnecting from the world by using your hands; you have great appreciation for handy work and practical matters; you admire objects that serve a purpose and see the refinement in usefulness; you may do good not only in the crafts, but also in managing crafts schools and programs of re-education.
  5. A pair of shoes – you place great value on appearance not because you’re shallow, but because you understand well how important appearance is in the world of money; people who look good are more successful, this is a lesson you’ve had to learn; this choice also says about you that you’re willing to make sacrifices for your career or the cause you stand for; no matter what, “the show must go on;” some of the fields you’d do good in is event management, PR and marketing.


You’d like more help to discover your true calling? Let me know and order a personal profile for a 19,99 EUR at

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Quiz 3 – What kind of Lover are you?

Welcome to Quiz 3 of the Series Quizzes – What kind of Lover are you? In Quiz 1 we looked at what your preferences say about you as a lover, while in Quiz 2 we dealt with what you offer with most ease, and what that reveals about you as a lover.

Today I’m going to ask you to answer the following question:

Of the following gifts, which one would you rather receive from your partner on your birthday? (A purely honest answer is vital for a correct assessment)

  1. A romantic dinner
  2. Something symbolic, like a talisman
  3. A sex toy
  4. Something expensive, like jewels or a car
  5. Nothing, I just want them there with me


  1. A romantic dinner – you’re an idealist and a dreamer; to you, love feels like in fairy tales; you want to have a smile on anytime you think of your lover; you’re willing to work on the relationship and maintaining the butterflies or bringing back the “spring feeling;” you can be quite the lover of one’s dreams if you set your mind to it; you’re an optimistic lover that receives love for the positive feelings you wake in your partner.
  2. Something symbolic, like a talisman – to you, a relationship is not only about the romance, but also about the friendship, the camaraderie; you want a particular kind of depth that may have darker hues in the psychological sense; to you, “special” means deep and reliable; you value the heart more than anything, and you’re willing to go through hardship with the one you love; you’re a reliable, serious lover, probably “marriage material” to experts; you inspire not only love, but also respect.
  3. A sex toy – with you it can go in two very different directions – you either connect to the deepest level through sex, since it’s the most intimate thing in the world, and you want to know your lover at the most basic levels, being passionate and intense; AND: you avoid true intimacy and keep it to a level you feel ready to manage for now. You’re just as capable of both, depending on the time you’re at in your life.
  4. Something useful, like clothes or a car – to you, security is of utmost importance; you feel you understand what most people don’t – in your view, the world hasn’t changed that much since ancient times; life still is a struggle to have your needs met; the person who makes you feel secure also makes you fall in love; you appreciate kindness and care to the core of your being, but you’ll sacrifice them to a stricter lover if they make a better provider or satisfy your need for affirmation in society; in return, you can be a docile and very considerate lover that many would die for.
  5. Nothing, I just want them there with me – to you, symbiosis is a strong concept; you desire to love and be loved so much that you become one with your lover; connection on the deepest and at the same time highest level needs either time or truly something divine, like being soul-mates, and you know it; you want to lose yourself in your lover and you make a kind, sweet, soft, accommodating haven yourself that – especially later in life as you become wiser – makes you addictive to your lover; you may be like a drug to them and the other way around, even though in your youth you may have been or come across as clingy.

Each one of these Types of Lovers comes with negative sides. If you’d like to explore them as well as the positive, discovering yourself in depth, feel free to suggest a post in a comment or write to me at to ask for a personal profile and get 10 EUR off! You can ask for a sample personal profile so you know to expect, or you can wait until Saturday, when I’ll post a sample personal profile that I took particular pleasure in drawing up, because it belongs to someone special to me.


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The 5 Languages of Love – Which One is Yours?

Dr. Gary Chapman is a famous counselor who “coined” the five languages of love that people “speak” and “understand” best. We often need and desire the very thing we offer, which is the very reason we offer it so much – to receive it in return (not counting the cases of narcissism, ego-centrism and some other I daresay “conditions” that hinder genuinely caring about fellow creatures).

These are the 5 languages of love that Dr. Chapman identified and explored:

  1. Speaking – you love compliments and you enjoy hearing “I love you;” you love being told the reasons for which you are loved, details about your lover’s feelings; you offer meaningful words in return, and you speak them from the heart; harsh words and insults hurt you deeply.
  2. Spending Time – you offer and desire full attention; you’re reliable and supportive of your partner when they need you; you make your partner feel significant and special by being there fully, focused exclusively on them; if they miss important moments or don’t spend enough time with you, you’ll feel hurt;
  3. Gifts – it’s not about the gift itself, but about the effort behind the gift – financial or different; you show not only your affection but also your respect by this means; you prefer being shown affection and respect the same way; the more valuable the gift, the more valued you feel – NOTE: this language of love has nothing to do with materialism;
  4. Service – Easing the burdens that weigh on your partner is your best way of expressing your affection; by making their life easier, you manifest your feelings; you’d like to be shown affection the same way; your partner’s laziness may be hurtful for you, because you take it as lack of affection;
  5. Physical Touch – you show not only your love, but a whole palette of feelings by touching; the way you stroke your partner’s cheek conveys a whole range of emotions tied to affection such as care and concern; you value physical presence, and feel most loved when being offered the same; physical distance or coldness can be hurtful to you, as you may interpret it as lack of love.

These languages of love apply not only to lovers, but to all people we feel affection for. What do you think is your language of love? I’d love to read from you.


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Quiz 2 – What is your Calling?

Welcome to Quiz 2 of the What is your Calling? Quiz Series, which will help you to discover yourself bit by bit, quiz by quiz. Put together, your choices of answer will create an individual picture that I will help you interpret. This is the question of Quiz 2:

Which of the following words attracts you most of the five?

  1. Running shoes
  2. Book
  3. Talk-show
  4. Facebook
  5. Silk


  1. Running shoes – you’re made for a career that involves movement; you’re a worker and an achiever; you have your eyes fixed on your goals, and you’re willing to put in the effort to attain them; you’re not exempt from fear, but you usually don’t let it beat you.
  2. Book – your inclinations are for an intellectual career; you think a lot about the world and its systems, you’re good at spotting details but you also understand the big picture; you’d make a good teacher, professor or mentor.
  3. Talk-show – you’re a good listener; if you chose this answer, then this talent of yours is a hidden one, you may not have guessed yourself; you’re a good observer, and you see beyond appearances; you’re good at unmasking strategies, therefore you’d be good at making them.
  4. Facebook – you’re a visual person, and today’s economy is well-ingrained in your mind; therefore you may have a ‘monetary’ way of thinking, which may block your true potential; force yourself to think outside the box, focusing on the activity that satisfies you most; analyze it, and you’ll find your potential.
  5. Silk – you’re a ‘tactile’ person. You probably enjoy doing things with your hands, and you’d make a good craftsperson; you can further explore and go individual on your talent by analyzing the kind of activities that you enjoy most or are best at, or that help you unwind.

You’d like more help to discover your true calling? Let me know and order a personal profile for a 19,99 EUR at

If you enjoyed this quiz, stay tuned for more of the What’s your Calling? Series Quizzes next Monday, but until then don’t miss the next quiz of the What kind of Lover are you? Series Quizzes on Thursday.

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The Messenger – Ep. 24 of “The Marquis”

I sit frozen in my black dress with palms joined on my lap. The funeral unfolds before my blank eyes, and so do the days after. I count them by the number of times Jeanie Simmons – Jeremy’s curly-haired, rosy-cheeked, fluffy younger sister and my dearest friend – enters with food. I nibble just enough of it to keep me alive, but my appetite is as dead as the monster who fathered me, and who now lays two meters beneath ground level.

“Are you still seeing Joyous?”

Her hazel eyes dart around, as if the walls have ears. “You know I can’t answer that, Saph.”

Of course, he’s the Marquis’ ‘cousin’ – in truth one of his fellow seprpent-killers. I lower my voice and grab her elbow. “If you are, you need to help me, Jeanie. I need to get back with the Marquis.”

Jeanie’s hand covers mine that I now realize is so clenched around her fluffy elbow that my knuckles show.

“Something must be terribly wrong with you, Saph,” she whispers.  She looks me in the eye with a curious expression. “You haven’t spoken at all since you saw Mr Lothar dead in the study, and now that you do open your mouth it’s to talk about the Marquis. Is that a way of dealing with your grief? I mean, Gunnar Lothar is dead, your own –”

“Don’t even say it,” I cut her off. “That man was a monster, a . . . Whenever I think about him I want to rip the flesh off my bones for being his child.” On a second thought I shrug. “I suppose I must be grieving, and anger makes it all more bearable.”

Stomping up the stairs makes Jeanie’s mouth close before she can say another word. The door opens and Jeremy enters the attic in a confident prance, his muscular physique barely making it through the doorframe. The police officers who came with him remain outside the open door. He walks straight to the window with a triumphant attitude.

“I’ll make this short, Saphira,” he says, staring proud out the window. “The coroner called. They established Mr Lothar’s death was not suicide.” He turns to assess my expression as he gives me the news, cocking an eyebrow. “He was murdered.”

He lets moments pass to allow the information to settle in.

“Do you happen to know anybody who had a reason to kill him?” He continues mockingly. “Someone who wanted revenge, maybe?”

The Marquis’ words from the day we went to the asylum come back to me. “Would you consider that I hurt you, if I took revenge on your father?” And yet he wasn’t the only one with a motive.

“I also know of someone who goes to terrible lengths to keep his real identity secret,” I retort. “Someone who set Vivien Grant’s house on fire to kill her. Someone who’s put her mother in the lunatic asylum and has the poor woman so terrified that she won’t talk. I’m sure the same person hung Gunnar by the chandelier too – Ivan Basarab. Gunnar knew his true identiy. Ivan Basarab is terribly dangerous Jeremy, and despite what you might think, you can’t control him.”

Jeremy’s cocky attitude turns to anger. His face goes red.

“The whole town will believe it was the Marquis, Saphira,” he barks. “They’ll burn down his manor like peasants did haunted castles back in the Dark Ages eventually.”

Jeremy’s hatred of the Marquis fills the room like floating poison. I remember how the Marquis twisted his arm behind his back at the asylum, keeping him in check despite Jeremy’s big muscles and violent struggles, forcing down his ears the information that his own father had been a rapist, a monster.

“You hate him for having told you the truth.” I hold Jeremy’s gaze, defiant.

“Maybe, a little. But, most of all, I hate him for having taken you away from me.”


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Enjoyed this? Please let me know your thoughts in a comment, I’m always ecstatic to read from you. Stay tuned for a new episode on Tuesday and check out the story from the start available here (Part I – Saphira), and here (Part II – The Marquis.) Enjoy!


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Quiz 2 – What kind of Lover are You?

Welcome to Quiz No. 2 of the What Kind of Lover are you? Series Quizzes, which will reveal more about yourself as a lover. Remember to be honest in your response, since it is absolutely necessary for a correct assessment.

Please answer the following question by choosing the variant that best suits you.

What do you offer your lover with most ease?

  1. I listen to them
  2. I hold them and caress them
  3. I do things for them
  4. I give them gifts
  5. I talk to them


  1. I listen to them – you’re genuinely interested in every aspect of your partner’s psyche; you’re understanding and accommodating, but you’re not without advantage yourself in being a good listener – through listening, you gain power over your partner.
  2. I hold them and caress them – your love language is touch, and it’s the kind of soothing you need yourself; physical contact is what you feel brings you closer to your partner’s soul; you would be praised as a skilled lover.
  3. I do things for them – your love language is usefulness, and it’s the language you understand best yourself; you offer your partner what you would like to receive in return; you would be praised as a reliable and grounded partner.
  4. I give them gifts – you’re a cunning person, and a cunning lover; you appreciate expensive gifts yourself, not for their value as objects, but because an expensive gift shows you how valued you are yourself; you’re good at business and entrepreneurship, and apply similar means to conquer your love interest.
  5. I talk to them – your forte is emotional support; you believe you understand your lover well, and try to find solutions to their problems; you may be greatly admired for your intellect, and pairing this language of love with the “I listen to them” variant will make you electrifying.

Enjoyed this quiz? Plenty more where it came from. Check out the other quizzes in the Quizzes section on this site, and please share your feelings in a comment. I’m always happy to read from you. Check out there first quiz of this series here, and the first quiz of the What is your Calling? Series Quizzes here.

Feel free to roam this site for many more goodies, especially the Short Stories of Suspense. Stay tuned for a new episode of The Marquis tomorrow for a suspenseful and thrilling ride. Enjoy!


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What kind of Women do Men Really Like? – Psychology of Attraction

I’ve been conducting a survey, consulting specialty psych articles and talking to therapists. In doing so, I posed various questions regarding the Psychology of Attraction, and one of the biggest ones was – What kind of Women do Men Really like? I’ve listened and taken notes, then I’ve read and listened some more, just because it felt fair – we’ve been dealing with the kind of guys we gals mostly fall for and why, but what kind of women do men like?

We gals may have a stereotype in our minds that guys are only attracted to the 90-60-90 type of women, fat lips and slim waists, inflated boobs and scrunched brains, high cheekbones and short attention span, fully butts and empty stomachs. Well, here comes the verdict of the survey. The stereotype is – wait for it – tr… fall…..tru…..fallllll…… only partly TRUE.

Yes, physical aspect is very important for the guys. The Pamela Anderson stereotype is successful, but guess what? Not more than others. Men’s tastes in what they like in women vary, and they vary a whole lot, so discussing what you should look like to attract a partner is rather useless. The survey concluded in three tips about how to be attractive to men. Three tips that will never fail to matter:

  1. Grooming and Hygiene – Keep it to your own style, if decent or ostentatious, but be groomed. Grooming in truth matters because it latches on receptors in the male brain that tell the man you’re clean.
  2. Silence and Feedback – Not because men like stupid women – by no means, they do care about the kind of woman that appreciates them; no point if that woman is someone whose opinion no one holds in any special regard – but because silence often equals mystery, and because silence enables listening, which not only men, but people generally deeply appreciate. Listening shows the person that you truly do care about them and what they have to say. This is how men often lose their heads for women who don’t really have anything to talk about – they mistake that for mystery and being “a good listener.” The man gets the feeling that he “inhabits” the woman. Most men are “penetrators,” so feeling they “inhabit” a woman gives them the same kind of satisfaction in the psyche that sex does physically. This way the man can project his own Anima – the feminine part of his psyche – into the woman. In short, silence leaves room for fantasy. Giving feedback to what she is told by asking questions or offering an opinion – without making it about herself – only enhances the effect the silent woman has on the man.
  3. Modesty – People – not only men – are attracted to modesty (in combination with the two traits above; no point in smelling of sweat and being modest, even though the combo may have its moments in intimacy). The femme fatale type from the movies does have her fair share of the market, but the men who go for that kind of woman are NOT the rule. If the femme fatale does enjoy a measure of success, it’s mostly short-lived and restricted to the passionate part of a relationship. When the going gets tough, the femme fatale will get cheated on, dumped, or – if she’s lucky and the partner does stay with her – the guy turns out to be a psycho, stalker and often abuser with serious mommy issues. Or a poet.

We’ll go in on these subjects in following articles in the following weeks – Wednesdays will be for the exploration of Romance Tips, How to be Attractive, and Love Issues, so stay tuned. I’m deep in studies and research and interviews. Just a short disclaimer: There are always exceptions to the rule, and my studies aim to drill and go in-depth on the rule, not the exceptions. We are all unique, and I love conducting studies on one person alone (Personal Profiles), but I’m not at the liberty to disclose the findings publicly on the blog, but only to mingle them with the discoveries from other individuals, as well as with research and interview results, and thereby calculate the “rule.”

I’d love to hear your take on this first article of the series, your personal experiences and views. The real dissection of the matter only begins at the end of the post, with your comments 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading from you!


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