NEW RELEASES Ana C. Blacklace


I spent seven years running away from a monster.

Now that he found me again, his punishment will be ruthless.

And the worst thing? He’ll make sure I come hard for it.

Lord Declan Santori is a devil clad in sophisticated allure.

Few know the real him like I do.

Behind his billions and his strikingly handsome face, he’s twisted, wicked, and relentless.

He spent years plotting his revenge, and he won’t stop until I hit rock bottom.

Until he’s tortured me with such dark pleasure that I never dream of leaving him again. Bent on making me his adoring slave, he goes uncovering the secret I worked so hard to keep buried all my life. I have to save myself, or he’ll drag me straight back into hell. And this time I’ll beg to stay.

I go into billionaire Jax Vaughn’s office looking for a job. When I come out, it’s with an indecent proposal.


Not everybody has a price. But everybody has a weakness, and I’ll find Adalia Ross’s if it’s the last thing I do.

The little angel refused my proposition, but we both know, it’s only a matter of time until I’ll have my twisted way with her.

From the moment I saw her, desire raged through me, making me rock hard. It’s been a long time since a woman had this effect on me.

This little angel opened up Pandora’s box, and there’s no closing down that lid again.

I stand at the back of the club, watching my pleasure servant dangling her assets at the bastards drooling around her cage. She lied to me. She betrayed me. I’m not the only one for her, and I’ll punish her so f*cking hard for it. I’ll start by making her come in front of all these bastards.

Then I’m gonna rip their heads off for having put their nasty eyeballs on my woman.

Because that’s what she is, whether she likes it or not.

Adalia Ross is mine.

In all of the twisted ways that I’ll claim her, inside that cage and outside of it, bent over the hood of my car and with her face shoved against the wall in a side alley, with an audience and without.

But an old enemy discovers my soft spot, and he’s here to use her against me. The only way to keep her safe is to win three illegal fights in the underground ring. For that, I must put on the studded leather mask of The Spartan again, the deadly animal I was before I became the billionaire Jax Vaughn.

When campus starboy Declan Santori caught me snapping naked pictures of him, he demanded payback.
A one night stand at his frat house that he would be allowed to film and keep as leverage against me.

But a taste is not enough. He wants more.

And I do as well. I want him to do those twisted things to me again, use me for his pleasure and make me beg for it too.

He’s like a sickness spreading out through me, one I have to get away from or die trying. Especially when it turns out that my dark Romeo is far more than just a hot frat boy that every girl wants. Behind closed doors, I find a dark and dirty secret.