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Let me tell you a secret – Dracula had a brother. This is true. They called him Radu the Handsome, but his beauty was deceiving, and it hid a deadly secret…

Carpathian prince Radek the Handsome no longer turns into a monster at nightfall, but he still has one last, dark secret.

Dracula exists. For centuries he’s been lurking in the underworld, searching for the one thing that can make him invincible—Dracula’s Grail.
A shadow stalks librarian Ruxandra Len, a demonic power from a past she can’t remember. Intrigued when she discovers that her bloodline leads back to the notorious Prince Dracula, she travels to the Carpathians to learn more. But what she finds is a truth darker than legend. 

Lord Vlad Dracula has just one weakness—his wife, Ruxandra. So when a mysterious vampire tries to assassinate her, Vlad tears his throat open. But the vampire’s blood starts a strange process in Lord Dracula’s body.
Dracula changes, his inner demons boiling to the surface, his thirst for blood insatiable. Rux must unmask the invisible foe that drives her husband ever deeper into darkness, before his evil plan makes Dracula self-destruct. The question is—will she survive long enough to do it?

Tristan DeKnight is Lord Dracula’s left hand. He’s hard, ruthless, and never fails. But when he’s sent to save Isolde Serpaint, Dracula’s extended family, things go terribly wrong.

Behind a web of lies there’s always a dark truth.
The seductress vampire Irina turned academy boy Lazarus into a vampire many years ago. He hates her for it, but now they’re forced to work together on a mission to discover the secret to human immortality. Yet as Lazarus goes discovering Irina’s terrible past and what turned her into a princess of seduction centuries ago, the line between hate and love blurs. Can Lazarus save Irina’s doomed soul, or will he go down with it?

He is Dracula’s son. They call him Michael the Bad because the only thing that matches his wicked good looks is his vicious nature. Every creature in the London underground knows better than to cross him, but Angelique Serrano didn’t get the memo. Now he’s got a score to settle with her. But will he do it when he realizes that she’s the key to destroying his oldest and most dangerous enemy?

Michael the Bad is more than just a vampire prince. A hell spawn lurks inside him, one that he’d rather keep forever dormant.

But the time has come for Michael to face his strongest enemy, and for that he needs to become the beast. Problem is, the beast will demand something in return—Angelique Serrano, Michael’s lover. Will Michael the Bad find a way to save her, or will he sacrifice her and give in to evil, completely becoming The Devil’s Son?

Fae law is clear—Never use magic in the mortal realm. Except that’s what I do for a living, and for paying off my student debt. I just couldn’t leave it on Aunt Miriam’s tired, battered shoulders, not to mention that love spells pay well. And it all worked out just fine—until it didn’t, and the Lord of Winter tracked me down.

When Lysander the King of Frost and I united our powers against Xerxes the Fire King, something unexpected happened—we became bonded mates. A catastrophe, considering that Lysander is promised to another High Fae in exchange for military support in the upcoming war. The stakes—if Lysander loses his allies and therefore the war, Xerxes will turn the human realm into hell on Earth, before he takes over all the other realms.

He’s the King of Ice. I’m the Princess of the Ocean. We are bonded mates, but we can never be together. If we do, the world goes down in flames.

Sandros Nightfrost is no prince in shining armor. He’s the Winter King’s bastard brother, and his toughest warrior.
The court ladies’ guilty dream in studded leather, and an asshole of proportions.
I’ve been staying away from him for a long time, but now we must work together again. Evil magic seeks to kill the Queen, and only Sandros and I can track it down to its source.
So I’m forced to be around him again, hating his guts as much as I always have.
Most of the time.
When he doesn’t stare at me the way he does out of those demonic golden eyes. When he doesn’t stir this sick need inside of me.
He wants me on my knees, at his mercy.
He wants me stripped of my pride.
Stripped of my will.
Stripped of my clothes.
He wants to break me, enslave me, and I’m not sure how much longer I can resist this perverse desire that he ignited inside of me.
But the closer we get to the dark enemy, the more I understand that this bond we share is much deeper than I ever imagined.
Problem is, it’s also deadlier.


I am half fae and half demon. To the fae kind, that means I have a predilection to evil. If they didn’t need me as desperately as they do now, they’d try to f*cking lynch me.
And they’d f*cking fail.
I’m a centuries-old warlord, which makes me insanely difficult to kill. I’ve been bred for war, and now that the Antichrist is ready to take over the world, I could destroy the fae, or I could save them. So I’m faced with a choice—join the devil, or fight against him.
A choice that depends entirely on her—Edith Snowstorm.
My fated mate, and the woman who betrayed me.
I came to the human realm for her, determined to get her back.
But I found her with another man.
Don’t f*cking ask how I resisted the urge to slit him open right in front of her. But that would have been too little of a punishment for the two of them.
Edith fucked with the wrong fae lord. I’ll enslave her, watch her fall apart under me, I’ll make her tremble with guilty pleasures, and hate herself for it. But then the tables turn in a way that we could have never seen coming.

A fae prince made of shadow and smoke whisked me off to another realm—with dark intentions.

We humans are nothing but lowly creatures to the fae. They’re arrogant and cruel, and who could blame them? They’re formidable beings, and they consider us nothing but mortal bundles of flesh, worthy only of the dirt under their feet. Only that this particular bundle of flesh—Yours Truly—is the shadow fae’s only chance of survival as a race.

Salazar Shadowthorn, their prince, needs me in order to rise to former glories. He’s deadly and feared, but his enemies are as many as his admirers. And they’re after his most valuable possession—me. I may be his slave, but it turns out I’m special. I have magic, and Salazar needs to help me scale it in order to use me for his purposes. Still, we were never meant to become more than master and slave. In his world, it shouldn’t even be possible. But as enemies emerge from the shadows, both Salazar and I are faced with a truth we can’t deny—if we want to win this, we have to give in to that dark, dangerous calling that we feel towards each other. Problem is, it comes with a huge price.


Mercenary Zalael Blackstar’s plan was simple—capture the Queen of Music, and deliver her to the Unseelie fae king. But there’s a secret to this woman that he didn’t take into account.

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