Psych Part II: Did you know that …

Psych: Did you know that …

  1. The human brain forgets 80% of what it’s learned in a day?
  2. The music you listen to influences the way you view the world?
  3. Romantic love is only slightly different from the obsessive-compulsive disorder (the purpose of which is to reduce anxiety, and not obtaining pleasure)?
  4. There’s a gene for pessimists that makes them see everything in a bad light?
  5. Spending money on others brings more satisfaction than spending it on yourself?
  6. Communication makes us more intelligent, and enhances memory?
  7. According to the more recent studies, genetics doesn’t really influence the IQ?

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23 thoughts on “Psych Part II: Did you know that …

    1. He’s a really fascinating mind, and I prefer him to Freud. Freud did a whole lot of psychoanalysis, I don’t mean to undermine that in any way, but Jung is just brilliant. Thank you for following, I’m very glad 🙂

  1. Hi – now following. This: “Romantic love is only slightly different from the obsessive-compulsive disorder (the purpose of which is to reduce anxiety, and not obtaining pleasure)” I knew about the first part, but the part in () makes no sense. What is the name of that obsessive-compulsive disorder? The statement seems to imply that romantic love is meant to prevent someone from obtaining pleasure. Do you mean a disorder that seeks to reduce anxiety about the fear of not obtaining pleasure which to mind/body craves, like a fix?

    Something about darkness and light. People have it backward. We are of light-free realms. Space is darkness. Light is a freak and is forever being extinguished wherever it shows up. Suns die and implode into darkness. The reality is darkness, not light. We demonstrate that by working hard and paying dearly to light our own little lives at night, to keep our cities glowing. Light is artificial. Unlike darkness light is impermanent and totally unreliable… just like romantic love!

    1. Hi Sha’Tara, thanks for being here 🙂 I think you totally have a point with the darkness and light. Light is scarce in the universe -all those luminous dots we call stars in a sea of black, and yet those luminous dots make the heavens what they are. I think romantic love turns obsessive especially when non-requited. If requited, it makes one feel high at first, then slowly transforms into something homey and profound and, if we’re lucky, in steady passion. But the hurt of non-requited love, the stalking (either on facebook or in person, as they did back in my day), the he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not, all that is obsessive-compulsive. I think it becomes an outlet for other anxieties (whether he loves me or not becomes focus, and relieves the tension from all my other problems). Wait… You know what? Writing this reply now makes me realize I went through just that… I had great anxieties at home as a kid because of a violent mother (every day could end in abuse), and I regularly developed a crush for some unattainable guy to keep focus on something else. Thanks, Sha’tara, looking forward to your comments in the future 🙂

    1. I didn’t know about #3 either, but I do agree that romantic love can cross over “to the other side” pretty fast, especially if not requited, even if we’re not the obsessive types. Ah, the complexities of the heart … 🙂

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