Psych: Did you know that . . .


  1. Chocolate and booze release the same substances in your body as the feeling of being in love?
  2. People are more honest when they’re tired?
  3. A short hug of only 25 seconds can increase your trust in the person you’re hugging?
  4. People tend to be more logical when they think in a foreign language?
  5. No blind person has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia?
  6. Your brain registers rejection as pain?
  7. The clearest memories you have are most probably false?
  8. Our unconscious mind is the one that knows and decides first?
  9. People can have close and authentic connections with around 150 other people?
  10. The human brain is more creative when it’s tired?

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5 thoughts on “Psych: Did you know that . . .

  1. #6 really hit home for me, as a person living with borderline personality disorder, I can confirm that rejection is very clearly painful.
    Thanks for posting this, its a really interesting blog. Keep it coming!! 🙂

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