15 thoughts on “Personality Test – What Talents were you born with? Are you a born Artist, Craftsman, Scientist, Intellectual or Entrepreneur?

  1. I just did this Ana and found it fascinating. I alternated between Artist (mainly) but also Intellectual (for nos 2 and 7) and Entrepreneur for question 1 and craftsman. So I must be a bit of a strange mixture… which I feel like lately! Great quiz Ana.

  2. Hi Cuzz! I took the test again to see if anything changed. I didn’t remember my last answers. I scored exactly the same except #4 changed from e to a. So the result was Entrepreneur 1, Craftsman 2, Artist 2, and Intellectual 2. Now here is my personal uninformed interpretation. I identify strongly with craftsman who can also be artists and with significant skill and knowledge, be intellectual in their craft. Ha ha ha! See, I found a way to make it work. A true craftsman, don’t you think? 😀

    1. Indeed a true craftsman, dear cuzz! I always saw you as entrepreneur firstc though, too, I now realize that. You combine many fields and organize activities very well together. I wish I had your skill! Big huge hug!

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