Personality Test – What Talents were you born with? Are you a born Artist, Craftsman, Scientist, Intellectual or Entrepreneur?

I’m really curious about you guys πŸ™‚

Ana Calin

In a world fixed in economical patterns that won’t leave any room for individuality, discovering your calling may prove a real challenge. The matter was treated in aΒ previous article, where we scratched the surface a bit.

This assessment is based on five main personality categories that I consider most relevant after long and meticulous research, each of them with their own talents and inclinations. Mind you that these categories are only the starting point. To understand yet more of what’s special about you, check out the first two Quizzes – Are you a Hero/ine or a Villain, and What Fantasy Character are You.

So, are you an Artist, a Craftsman, an Entrepreneur, an Intellectual or a Scientist?

While this may seem general, it is the starting point towards discovering what’s unique about yourself. Future personality tests and information will function as follow-ups…

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15 thoughts on “Personality Test – What Talents were you born with? Are you a born Artist, Craftsman, Scientist, Intellectual or Entrepreneur?

  1. Hi Cuzz! I took the test again to see if anything changed. I didn’t remember my last answers. I scored exactly the same except #4 changed from e to a. So the result was Entrepreneur 1, Craftsman 2, Artist 2, and Intellectual 2. Now here is my personal uninformed interpretation. I identify strongly with craftsman who can also be artists and with significant skill and knowledge, be intellectual in their craft. Ha ha ha! See, I found a way to make it work. A true craftsman, don’t you think? πŸ˜€

    1. Indeed a true craftsman, dear cuzz! I always saw you as entrepreneur firstc though, too, I now realize that. You combine many fields and organize activities very well together. I wish I had your skill! Big huge hug!

  2. I just did this Ana and found it fascinating. I alternated between Artist (mainly) but also Intellectual (for nos 2 and 7) and Entrepreneur for question 1 and craftsman. So I must be a bit of a strange mixture… which I feel like lately! Great quiz Ana.

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