Psychology Facts III: Did you know that . . .


  1. People spend an average of 6 years dreaming?
  2. Babies dream almost the entire time inside the uterus?
  3. Around 12% of people dream only black-and-white?
  4. They say that, if you have dreams that cause you powerful emotions, with luminous and colorful images, it’s possible that they aren’t dreams at all, but out-of-body experiences?
  5. The cells that build up the human brain can store up to 5 times more information than the entire Encyclopedia Britannica?
  6. The brain continues to send signals in the form of electric impulses for approximately 37 hours after death?
  7. If you stare at a person you’re sexually interested in, your pupils involuntarily dilate? The same happens if you stare at a person you hate.
  8. Kissing heals. Research shows that kissing improves the skin, helps blood circulation, prevents cavities and soothes headaches?
  9. Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, lips don’t leave identical marks either?
  10. Praying before meals improves taste and the nutritive properties of food and water? Masaru Emoto, the famous water researcher, has published reports on the subject.

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10 thoughts on “Psychology Facts III: Did you know that . . .

  1. Wow! Some startling revelations here. When I’m not exhausted, I have vivid dreams. Many times it’s like a real experience. So far, no Dragons have appeared. :D. And, those eyes! It’s like we have a sixth sense for what eyes are telling us about a person. No wonder my eyes are light sensitive. There are so many lovable people in my life, I’m sure my eyes are permanently dilated. 😉

    1. So cool cuzz! To be honest I only had one vivid dream in my life and it scared the living s**t out of me. I had pretty nasty “powers” in that dream, but I must say I also had a revelation or two. Othaer than that, my dreams are always pretty blurry, so I guess I’m always safe and sound in my skin. And the pupil story! I wonder what it means when people look at each other and their pupils become smaller LOL.

      1. LOL! Yes, I think it best to remain in one’s skin at night. I’m sure if I departed for an evening romp, it would be possible to get lost and not find myself again. That would be the nightmare part. I’m going to guess that if someone is looking at you with pinpoint pupils, you are on the menu as the main course. I think I’ll add that to my growing list of things to watch out for. 😛

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