What does your Caption choice say about you?

Take a look at the featured picture and decide – fast – which of the following captions best suits what you FIRST feel when you look at it.

  1. Flower
  2. Love
  3. Red
  4. Petals
  5. Black


  1. Flower – you’re strong through being calculating, cool-headed, grounded; often attractive like a magnet through detached attitude, which comes across as a provocation.
  2. Love – you’re sensitive and strongly empathic, kind but not necessarily vulnerable; often attractive through calm, sweet, accommodating attitude.
  3. Red – you’re temperamental, fiery, and often make an impression as soon as you walk into a place; often attractive through magnificence.
  4. Petals – you’re spiritual, inclined towards philosophy, profound; often attractive through mysterious attitude, velvety gaze.
  5. Black – you’re inclined to the more obscure, deeply buried matters of the human mind and soul; often attractive through being fascinating.

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18 thoughts on “What does your Caption choice say about you?

    1. You’re grounded and capable to see the essentially profound. With every quiz I get more and more the feeling you’re a scientist type of person, but with the depth of a philosopher.

      1. It’s so good to be back and in touch with you again Ana. I’ve got so behind in my reading since mum died. So much to deal with, so many raw emotions I”m working through. But yes, lovely to be back. Hope you’re well. xo

      2. Oh, miriam, I’M so sorry! I had no idea your mum passed away. I can totally imagine how you feel . . . The pain will never go away, I gather, but it will become bearable at a certain point.

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