Personality test: How does this picture make you feel?

Please choose from the following the variant that best describes how looking at this picture makes you feel within the first seconds. You won’t believe what your choice can reveal about you.

  1. Safe, relaxed, peaceful
  2. Intrigued, excited, travel
  3. Old, loss of perspective
  4. Culture, history, smart, special
  5. Mystery, possibility, infinity


  1. Your strength is: your inner world is your haven; it’s rich enough to feed an army.
  2. Your strength is: you’re electrifying, active, dynamic.
  3. Your strength is: you’re a creature of progress, modernity, you can make it in modern society. Might have to watch out for depression.
  4. Your strength is: you’re an explorer, a discoverer, and you have great eye for both details that matter and essentials.
  5. Your strength is: you’re fascinating, often compelling, huge inner world that can suck in like quicksand.

Of course, these are just sketches based on this quick choice. Take the many other personality tests that are available for you in the Personality Tests section on this site, and get much deeper insights about the still unknown corners of your personality. If want yet more, feel free to ask me for a personal profile. I’m always happy to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in a comment, and don’t shy away from making suggestions for further posts.

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12 thoughts on “Personality test: How does this picture make you feel?

  1. 1 and 5 drew my attention and 5 won. The part about the inner world is the truest. My introversion spectrum runs between 80% and 98%. I’m textbook introvert which means I draw strength from within. I am never alone in an empty space. This picture intrigues me because of the many things I imagine about it. The shutters and door are modern additions to some old historical architecture. By modern, you have a 16th-century wall that had a large opening closed off and a 19th-century update. The bicycle is a woman’s bike, her favorite color blue, the same as the door and the shutters with carved hearts. A romantic woman perhaps. Above the door is a navigation star. There is a contrast in the timeline represented and symbology of colors, hearts, Door, and navigation star. Maybe if one were welcomed inside it would be the start of a journey with a spirit guide well accustomed with what lies within. I found this irresistible and would certainly want to knock on the door. I feel there is someone I should meet inside. 😀

    1. I’m very intrigued who that someone you meet inside is, dear cuzz 🙂 This is of course, an answer only you can provide yourself – it’s enough just to ask yourself who it is, and the identity will begin to reveal itself. I’m curious how stubborn she’ll be to keep the veil before she reveals her face.

    1. That does play a part, dear Gary! Plus that it’s also always a matter of where we are at a certain point in our lives. Where I might have said #1 two years ago, it may be #4 today. It happens to me all the time! So maybe I should start mentioning that these quizzes often mirror the persons we are at a particular time 🙂

      1. I hope readers will assume that. Doors are fascinating. They can mean so many things to so many people. I haven’t photographed doors specifically, but as I hope to travel more, I will think about doors more 😃

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