Quiz 3 – What kind of Lover are you?

Welcome to Quiz 3 of the Series Quizzes – What kind of Lover are you? In Quiz 1 we looked at what your preferences say about you as a lover, while in Quiz 2 we dealt with what you offer with most ease, and what that reveals about you as a lover.

Today I’m going to ask you to answer the following question:

Of the following gifts, which one would you rather receive from your partner on your birthday? (A purely honest answer is vital for a correct assessment)

  1. A romantic dinner
  2. Something symbolic, like a talisman
  3. A sex toy
  4. Something expensive, like jewels or a car
  5. Nothing, I just want them there with me


  1. A romantic dinner – you’re an idealist and a dreamer; to you, love feels like in fairy tales; you want to have a smile on anytime you think of your lover; you’re willing to work on the relationship and maintaining the butterflies or bringing back the “spring feeling;” you can be quite the lover of one’s dreams if you set your mind to it; you’re an optimistic lover that receives love for the positive feelings you wake in your partner.
  2. Something symbolic, like a talisman – to you, a relationship is not only about the romance, but also about the friendship, the camaraderie; you want a particular kind of depth that may have darker hues in the psychological sense; to you, “special” means deep and reliable; you value the heart more than anything, and you’re willing to go through hardship with the one you love; you’re a reliable, serious lover, probably “marriage material” to experts; you inspire not only love, but also respect.
  3. A sex toy – with you it can go in two very different directions – you either connect to the deepest level through sex, since it’s the most intimate thing in the world, and you want to know your lover at the most basic levels, being passionate and intense; AND: you avoid true intimacy and keep it to a level you feel ready to manage for now. You’re just as capable of both, depending on the time you’re at in your life.
  4. Something useful, like clothes or a car – to you, security is of utmost importance; you feel you understand what most people don’t – in your view, the world hasn’t changed that much since ancient times; life still is a struggle to have your needs met; the person who makes you feel secure also makes you fall in love; you appreciate kindness and care to the core of your being, but you’ll sacrifice them to a stricter lover if they make a better provider or satisfy your need for affirmation in society; in return, you can be a docile and very considerate lover that many would die for.
  5. Nothing, I just want them there with me – to you, symbiosis is a strong concept; you desire to love and be loved so much that you become one with your lover; connection on the deepest and at the same time highest level needs either time or truly something divine, like being soul-mates, and you know it; you want to lose yourself in your lover and you make a kind, sweet, soft, accommodating haven yourself that – especially later in life as you become wiser – makes you addictive to your lover; you may be like a drug to them and the other way around, even though in your youth you may have been or come across as clingy.

Each one of these Types of Lovers comes with negative sides. If you’d like to explore them as well as the positive, discovering yourself in depth, feel free to suggest a post in a comment or write to me at anaatcalin@gmail.com to ask for a personal profile and get 10 EUR off! You can ask for a sample personal profile so you know to expect, or you can wait until Saturday, when I’ll post a sample personal profile that I took particular pleasure in drawing up, because it belongs to someone special to me.


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16 thoughts on “Quiz 3 – What kind of Lover are you?

  1. As soon as I read Something symbolic like a talisman – that immediately struck my eye and I thought I bet nothing else will even come close when it comes to that.

    Nothing else didn’t.

    The reason that one struck me is because when I’m watching romantic movies, it suddenly hit me reading your choice is that ultimately the scene that stands most in my mind from those movies is -the gift- when one of the lovers gives a gift to the other lover- a ring belonging to a parent or a Cross or maybe even a rabbit’s foot for luck- but some special item that conveys to the other lover exactly what he or she means to one.

    One of my favourite movies is the 1940 movie version of Waterloo Bridge (two other movie versions have been made of that but it’s the 1940 version that is the best- it’s a true masterpiece).

    The 1940 movie version of Waterloo Bridge starred Vivien Leigh.

    And in my opinion, it’s even a better film than another Vivien Leigh movie that she’s better known for – Gone With The Wind.

    The talisman given at that spot on London’s Waterloo Bridge where Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor first meet plays an important role throughout the film.

    I first saw the 1940 Waterloo Bridge on TCM back in 2011 and realized after watching it, that I had watched one of the greatest motion pictures of all time and a little known movie at that.

    A few weeks after seeing it coincidentally enough, I was reading an article by a Times of London columnist where he mentioned the film- the 1940 Waterloo Bridge with Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor.

    He mentioned that the film although a masterpiece was virtually unknown in Europe and North America.

    But he said that was not the case in mainland China interestingly enough.

    He said that in fact the 1940 version of Waterloo Bridge is considered the favourite film among most young Chinese women- aged 18 to 24 in mainland China.

    In fact he said whenever he walks across Waterloo Bridge and he sees a group of young Asian women and they’re walking around asking, “Can you show us the spot? The spot where he first met her?” (meaning the spot where Robert Taylor first met Vivien Leigh) and he mentions that most Londoners have no clue as to what they’re talking about- he correctly deduces that they’re from the People’s Republic of China (where the film gets the recognition for the cinematic masterpiece that it is) and he of course shows them the spot where Robert Taylor first met Vivien Leigh on Waterloo Bridge.

    Then they all start sighing and crying and taking pictures of the spot.

    Anyhow to make a long story short- LOL! – it’s #2. The giving of a talisman that appeals to me most.

    1. I loved the long story, dear Chris, so no worries there 🙂 Now you got me very curious and I’m going to watch that movie tonight. Wonderful comment, thank you!

  2. LOL @ #3. I read that and instantly had an image in my mind of a very shocked party group when that present was unwrapped. Blowing out the candles would never be the same after that. 😀 I always ask for #5 and get #1. It’s the default gift and I like it.

    1. You’re very gracious and it seems also adaptable. Yes, #1 and #5 go very well together, because #1 brings quality to #5 and enables deep communication 🙂

    1. That’s a very good angle to look at it, Niki 🙂 Indeed, where someone spends their time says a great deal about them. Hmmm…. Very interesting point to explore.

  3. Hi Ana, another interesting quiz. For me the answer was easy, number 1. Any excuse to have a romantic dinner. But I have to say that #2 was a close second.

    1. Idealist and dedicated, dear Miriam 🙂 Thank you so much, I’m happy you enjoyed the quiz. It motivates me. Today is research day for the one tomorrow of the series What’s You Calling

      1. Oh, that sounds perfect for me. I’m going through a bit of a crisis at the moment and feeling a bit low so I’ll look forward to that Ana. Have a great week ahead.

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