Quiz 3 – What is Your Calling?

Welcome to a new quiz of the Quiz Series – What is your Calling! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. Put together, your choices of answer to these quizzes will create an individual picture that will help you discover what your true calling is. This is today’s question, which will give you a window into the more profound matters of your true inclinations:

Which of the following objects sparks your interest most?

  1. An old painting
  2. A vintage pen
  3. A city wallpaper
  4. A carving knife
  5. A pair of shoes


  1. An old painting – a window into the past; the past helps you understand a person’s present; you’re an observer; details are important, but you never forget the importance of the big picture; you dig and you watch, listen and assess; you have good insight, patience and you’re often calculating; you may have inclinations as a therapist.
  2. A vintage pen – you’re happy in your own company, you’re creative and you have a love of freedom; you understand the price of the latter though; you have an eye for valuable things and you may even be a collector; you may even be a person of structure; you’d do good in antiques trade or creative writing – but you’d have to choose, people with these inclination often have trouble making them work together.
  3. A city wallpaper – you go with the flow of modernity; you’re influenced by society’s expectations, and you’re good at fulfilling them as well! You’re ambitious and hard working, even creative in your means and ways when you must; you gauge success by the appreciation of the world around you; you might do good in corporate life or entrepreneurship.
  4. A carving knife – you’re inclined to the crafts; you enjoy disconnecting from the world by using your hands; you have great appreciation for handy work and practical matters; you admire objects that serve a purpose and see the refinement in usefulness; you may do good not only in the crafts, but also in managing crafts schools and programs of re-education.
  5. A pair of shoes – you place great value on appearance not because you’re shallow, but because you understand well how important appearance is in the world of money; people who look good are more successful, this is a lesson you’ve had to learn; this choice also says about you that you’re willing to make sacrifices for your career or the cause you stand for; no matter what, “the show must go on;” some of the fields you’d do good in is event management, PR and marketing.


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I’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and feelings in a comment and, if you like, especially your chosen answer to this quiz. You know I’m always super curious : )


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25 thoughts on “Quiz 3 – What is Your Calling?

    1. You are indeed born for the crafts! This also means you’d make a good mentor, organizer of programmes, creator of studies, etc. There are so many possibilities, and you seem to have so much talent 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! I felt it deeply too. It hurt to separate them, but Saphira’s plan must be put into practice. (Don’t tell anyone, but the plan is what Chris said 🙂 ) Kidding, it’ll have to be a surprise. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings, they are deeply appreciated!

    1. Dear Rosie, I admit I somehow expected you’d choose the vintage pen, because I imagined you’d be the kind of person who’s thirsty for knowing and understanding the past. But you’re very complex. Your choice says about you that you’re more interested in people than situations or objects. The inividual is highest ranked in your eyes. You’re a keen observer.

    1. Miriam, this means you’re naturally competitive (not necessarily combative), but you go after your goals the right way. You’re an action person, and this is a huge advantage.

  1. #1. An old painting jumped out at me the most.

    #2. and #5. might have caught my attention as well if they had been more specific.

    If #2. had said a Vintage Feathered Quill Pen such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen might have used, I might have gone for #2.

    But just a straight vintage pen does not outright appeal to me.

    A vintage typewriter might have such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and my dad used to use.

    As for #5. Shoes, normally I wouldn’t go for this at all unless and this is the only case, if it had been more specific and said… a pair of spiked stiletto high heeled shoes (particularly if they were red or black in colour).

    Of course just a pair of spiked stiletto high-heeled shoes in itself wouldn’t do much for me unless they were accompanied by the rest of the apparel the woman was wearing (for a full description, just read any description of what my character Sherrielock Holmes or a Vampiress character is wearing in my vampire novel).

    But overall, I’d have to go for #1. Old paintings

    I do love old paintings.

    I love visiting art galleries and museums.

    1. Super explanation for your choices, Chris 🙂 I do think you have deep insight into minds and situations, and that you’d make a very good researcher. From experience I know the conclusions you draw are worthy of true consideration.

  2. This was a good one. 3 & 5 had zero appeal at all. 1,2, & 4 caught my eye and 4 resonated. I’ve used carving tools and chisels for decades and love the feel of a good carving knife sliding through wood. So, 4 it is. And the description seemed very applicable.

    1. I remember the first time I saw pictures of the knives you made, they are so beautiful! Wonderful craft, I could actually feel the passion you have for them. I do believe you’re very skilled with your hands, but I also happen to know you’re just as good with your intellect.

      1. I think the intellect is fading fast. I better take a picture of it so I’ll remember it later. 😀 Yes, I have always loved to let my hands give my head a rest. For me, it’s the greatest peace when I can make something with my hands. The knives have a lot of meaning for me too.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a person who sees value in old objects, especially if they were useful at their time. Probably through your creativity you are inherently interested in how people lived, thought and felt in times past.

    1. Oh yes, dear Sara, that is a sure thing, if you ask me. I do think you are inclined to psychology and to being either a therapist or maybe a researcher in the field. There are many options 🙂

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