Quiz 2 – What kind of Lover are You?

Welcome to Quiz No. 2 of the What Kind of Lover are you? Series Quizzes, which will reveal more about yourself as a lover. Remember to be honest in your response, since it is absolutely necessary for a correct assessment.

Please answer the following question by choosing the variant that best suits you.

What do you offer your lover with most ease?

  1. I listen to them
  2. I hold them and caress them
  3. I do things for them
  4. I give them gifts
  5. I talk to them


  1. I listen to them – you’re genuinely interested in every aspect of your partner’s psyche; you’re understanding and accommodating, but you’re not without advantage yourself in being a good listener – through listening, you gain power over your partner.
  2. I hold them and caress them – your love language is touch, and it’s the kind of soothing you need yourself; physical contact is what you feel brings you closer to your partner’s soul; you would be praised as a skilled lover.
  3. I do things for them – your love language is usefulness, and it’s the language you understand best yourself; you offer your partner what you would like to receive in return; you would be praised as a reliable and grounded partner.
  4. I give them gifts – you’re a cunning person, and a cunning lover; you appreciate expensive gifts yourself, not for their value as objects, but because an expensive gift shows you how valued you are yourself; you’re good at business and entrepreneurship, and apply similar means to conquer your love interest.
  5. I talk to them – your forte is emotional support; you believe you understand your lover well, and try to find solutions to their problems; you may be greatly admired for your intellect, and pairing this language of love with the “I listen to them” variant will make you electrifying.

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18 thoughts on “Quiz 2 – What kind of Lover are You?

    1. Okay, cuzz, how do I put this (Thinking) Hmmmm… Re-read the last sentence from the interpretation to 2 🙂 You’re considerate and sweet, and by now you surely know how to put that to good use on a physical level, no doubt. But this also shows that you enjoy being shown affection the same way. It’s the “language” you understand best.

      1. Yes, with the right person physical contact is the language I speak and understand. There is no misinterpretation or opposite opinion, it drives past all my layers and defenses to my reptile brain. Here is where I feel and live. Touch sets my senses on fire. Contact is how my heart is bonded and the more contact I have the deeper my bond. I doubt I’ll ever explain it in an understandable way but I’m a tactile person. Talking and listening engage my intellectual being but touch gets the mind, body, and soul. It’s this that I want to give back to my love. I want her to feel what I feel. I want to share it.

      2. Wonderful reply. It got me thinking – physical contact should indeed be meaningful, as a bridge to the soul. It’s today’s society that has thwarted that deep meaning and turned physical contact into something every-day, casual and of little value. I’m completely with you in your view on physical contact.
        Giving back, yes, we desire to give back tenfold that which we receive when we love. It’s wonderful if we can find the language our partners “speak and understand” best. My husband, for example, is someone who will do things for the person he loves. I’m more of a #1 and #2, and while he does appreciate the #1, it’s when I do things for him that he feels most loved – when I speak his own language. Fascinating subject to explore, I’ll write more on the languages of love on Wednesday. I loved your comment, dear cuzz, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Dear Niki, this may stem from the fact that your talking has helped people before. You may have a special inspiring and uplifting way with words – now that I daresay “know” you a bit, I can state that freely 🙂 Listening does indeed make the package perfect.

      1. You don’t need daresay, you have followed me long enough to know me well 🙂 Well thank you, for the clarity. Listening is almost an art and something I’ve had to practice so I am proud to consider myself a good listener because it doesn’t come naturally to me 🙂

    1. Dear Chris, I dare think of this choice combined with your choices to other quizzes (which is the very purpose of long.term “quizzing” for me 🙂 ), and say this: It seems you’re quite a fascinating lover (yes, I’m talking about love-making), but also have a strong need for physically-expressed affection yourself.

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