Quiz 1 – What is your Calling?

We often wonder – what were we born for? What’s our purpose, our meaning? Why are we here?

On Thursday I promised you two new Series Quizzes. One of them reveals quiz after quiz What kind of Lover you are, while the series that starts tonight will guide you to discovering What your Calling is, and this is the first step. Please answer the following question, and be fully sincere in doing so. This is the first step to discovering your inclinations, talents, calling, your purpose.

Which of the following activities would you prefer on a rainy Fall evening?

  1. Watching a reality show.
  2. Reading a book.
  3. Playing cards with friends.
  4. Making love to your partner.
  5. Making plans for the future.


  1. Watching a reality show – you’re tired; your body, soul and mind first need a break from the speeding everyday life in order to get in touch with your true passions.
  2. Reading a book – you’re a scholar; you like accumulating knowledge and are good at conveying it further; you have inclinations to become a professor.
  3. Playing cards with friends – you’re very sociable; you like being and working with people, while also focusing on a task; you have inclinations to organize social gatherings and/or host them.
  4. Making love to your partner – you’re a born loving soul; your calling is nurturing and helping your loved one grow; you may have inclinations as a therapist, sex therapist/counselor or even nurse.
  5. Making plans for the future – you have inclinations as a strategist and manager; you are success-oriented and driven, you’re the “guy with the results;” with some experience, you could make a good business consultant among other things.

Enjoyed this quiz? Stay tuned for more of the What’s your Calling? Series Quizzes next Monday, but until then don’t miss the next quiz of the What kind of Lover are you? Series Quizzes on Thursday. And, until then, don’t miss the next episode of The Marquis tomorrow, when more loose ends will connect.

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I’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and feelings in a comment and, if you like, especially your chosen answer to this quiz. You know I’m always super curious : )


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25 thoughts on “Quiz 1 – What is your Calling?

  1. Reblogged this on Ana Calin and commented:

    A special for Thanksgiving, with my profoundest thanks for being here! I’m preparing another personality test of the series, as well as a new WHAT KIND OF LOVER ARE YOU series for you wonderful people who follow this blog. Stay tuned! Love you, guys

    1. Since you mention all three it means all three are important to you and that you’re very adaptable. If you’re ever curious to discover which language is more prominent (or was there first, before your personality was fully formed) think about what you preferred as a kid or, in a moment when you’re so tired that you don’t care if the world stops spinning, ask yourself this question. The answer will come easily. Big hug!

    1. Definitely, I expected that, dear Rosie 🙂 I’m sure you’d make a great teacher or professor. Your choices to the next quizzes of the series will tell us more.

    1. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’ll choose in the other quizzes. The choices will make a pattern, and in the end we’ll be able to distinguish a direction.

  2. Well if I had a partner, I’d definitely choose #4 but seeing as how I don’t have a partner and probably won’t have one in the foreseeable future – homelessness (which will probably most definitely happen to me this coming April 1st unless some big time miracle happens and quickly) is definitely a turn off for most partners so I’d have to choose #2. Reading a book although reading a book in the middle of the pouring rain on the streets won’t be such a great thing.

    It will certainly give a whole new meaning to T.S. Eliot’s saying, “April is the cruelest month.”

    1. So you enjoy love above all. Your choice shows you’d make a good conselor and indeed, you do obviously have inclinations to disentangle matters of the heart and the psyche.
      I’m sorry to read you’re once again in a difficult situation, Chris. Didn’t you manage to find a job? I’m sure if you get out the following days you’ll be able to find something … 🙁

      1. No unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a job.

        And I’ve only managed to sell 7 copies of my book.

        I guess I’ll have to take Daniel’s advice and go in and see someone at my bank and ask if they’ll increase my line of credit.

        At least that way I can pay my rent and buy food until such time as something comes my way in the way of good fortune/

      2. I’d focus on getting a job (or jobs as a freelance) more than rely on good fortune. Unfortunately the publishing business moves much slower than we’d like, and a miracle in the increase of sales is unlikely 🙁 But I’m sure if they increase your line of credit, in a month you’ll be able to find something, I’m sure.

    1. True! Rainy evenings are perfect for good books, especially good philosophy, I discovered lately. But yesterday I saw people sitting in the sun and reading, and I made a wish at least an hour this spring to do that 🙂

    1. Oh, yes, sweet love 🙂 The way I know you, I can only confirm with hand on my heart that you are indeed wise, insightful and sensitive, you would sure make it well in one of the mentioned fields. I’m positive.

      1. I missed my calling but never stopped caring about others even when I no longer cared about myself. Well, if I get a redo there’s always that chance…:D

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