Quiz 1 – What is your Calling?

A special for Thanksgiving, with my profoundest thanks for being here! I’m preparing another personality test of the series, as well as a new WHAT KIND OF LOVER ARE YOU series for you wonderful people who follow this blog. Stay tuned! Love you, guys

Ana Calin

We often wonder – what were we born for? What’s our purpose, our meaning? Why are we here?

On Thursday I promised you two new Series Quizzes. One of them reveals quiz after quiz What kind of Lover you are, while the series that starts tonight will guide you to discovering What your Calling is, and this is the first step. Please answer the following question, and be fully sincere in doing so. This is the first step to discovering your inclinations, talents, calling, your purpose.

Which of the following activities would you prefer on a rainy Fall evening?

  1. Watching a reality show.
  2. Reading a book.
  3. Playing cards with friends.
  4. Making love to your partner.
  5. Making plans for the future.


  1. Watching a reality show – you’re tired; your body, soul and mind first need a break from the speeding everyday life in order to get in…

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9 thoughts on “Quiz 1 – What is your Calling?

    1. That is because you’re a complex human being, dear Miriam, and if you happen to have a number of talents it makes things even harder. They say life is as hard for a multi-talent as it is for a person with disabilities. Especially because they would like to do a number of things, and making a decision is often a pain.

    1. Oh, yes, dear cuzz, I know that feeling so well! It seems for all your moldable and sweet character your personality has a granite core that doesn’t allow itself to be bent. You stay true to your choices 🙂

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