Quiz 1 – What is your Calling?

A special for Thanksgiving, with my profoundest thanks for being here! I’m preparing another personality test of the series, as well as a new WHAT KIND OF LOVER ARE YOU series for you wonderful people who follow this blog. Stay tuned! Love you, guys

9 thoughts on “Quiz 1 – What is your Calling?

    1. Oh, yes, dear cuzz, I know that feeling so well! It seems for all your moldable and sweet character your personality has a granite core that doesn’t allow itself to be bent. You stay true to your choices 🙂

    1. That is because you’re a complex human being, dear Miriam, and if you happen to have a number of talents it makes things even harder. They say life is as hard for a multi-talent as it is for a person with disabilities. Especially because they would like to do a number of things, and making a decision is often a pain.

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