Quiz 1 – What kind of Lover are you?

Welcome to a new quiz project that I’ve been working on for a while now – the Series Quizzes. This project will consist of two Series Quizzes that will be posted twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. The first series, as you can surely guess from the title, will reflect what kind of lover you are, but not only; it will also show other traits about yourself, sensitive things that you might normally be wary of approaching.

During the following weeks each quiz will reveal new traits about yourself as a Lover, what your strengths are, what your lovers might like best about you, but you will also learn about your weak spots.

With your permission I’ll keep Topic No. 2 a secret until Monday, when the other Series Quiz will start. That being said, let us proceed.

Please answer the following question by choosing the variant that best suits you. Remember to be honest with yourself, since honesty is a Must for a correct assessment.

Which of the following characteristics stimulates you more when choosing a partner?

  1. Face
  2. Physicality
  3. Intellect
  4. Kindness
  5. Talent

What your choice says about you:

  1. Face – you’re a good judge of character; you have strong intuition; you’re truthful and profound and just the right level of confident; you might have a history of liking those who don’t like you in return and the other way around.
  2. Physicality – you’re wary of emotional involvement, and this might be due to some unfortunate experiences from the past; you might be the ‘electric’ type, hot and cold, which spurs lovers on to chase you.
  3. Intellect – you’re communicative and a bit insecure; you might value yourself through the appreciation of others (as in you feel valuable if you’re loved by someone you consider valuable yourself).
  4. Kindness – you’ve suffered before and need nurturing; some wounds are still open, and certain events in your life might have changed you drastically; you’re kind at your own turn, and that draws people to you.
  5. Talent – you know people through what they “do,” and you appreciate their dedication; you want a dedicated, capable, very special partner to reflect yourself, and you unconsciously gauge those traits through their dedication to their art, but this backfires; you may end up suffering greatly in relationships.

And there’s plenty more where this came from. Stay tuned for more of the What kind of Lover are you? Series Quiz, which will reveal more of your strengths and weaknesses, what truly attracts you and what makes you attractive.

Enjoyed this quiz? Plenty more where it came from. Check out the other quizzes in the Quizzes section on this site, and please share your feelings in a comment. I’m always happy to read from you.

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27 thoughts on “Quiz 1 – What kind of Lover are you?

  1. I’ve grown accustomed to sorting through the complexities of choosing an answer. I’m interested in a lot of things but Kindness is key, it’s essential to me. To see a person capable of grace, dignity, and genuine kindness not to be mistaken with good manners means they aren’t jaded by the world and they can truly love.

    1. Very interesting, cuzz. Does that mean that you may feel attracted to a person if you see they are genuinely kind, irrespective of how attractive you find them physically? I’d like to to know more about that, if you care to share 🙂

      1. With me, nothing is ever simple. Of course as a male bi-pedal hominid I am very visually motivated. I notice every woman in my range of vision. But visually striking women to me can be a long list of physical traits. That said, visual only lasts long enough to hold my attention. After that, I’m interested in what kind of person they are. For me, a woman with perfect physical traits and the wrong personality for me makes her unappealing. A woman who is not visually striking but is genuinely a kind person will always win with me because her kindness as an innate part of her character versus just a public display, signals to me the potential to be a person that can focus on the essential core of humanity and love, she can see the beauty in small things and appreciate small blessings and return that appreciation to others. I don’t worry about any negative aspects of being too kind or too tolerant. I focus on the core and life will illustrate the degrees of freedom her kindness will give and receive. Visual lasts seconds but impression of the person inside the physical body can last a lifetime.

      1. True! Regarding the eyes and face, I must think of Dwayne Johnson – I’m sure you know why I mention him 🙂 He’s very good looking, but his eyes don’t “speak” to me, so even though I acknowledge his good looks (he is indeed quite magnificent), I don’t find him “attractive.”

    1. That is very true, dear Miriam! To me it’s also face, but it’s more the “sculpting” of it, the bone structure and the lips, I must admit. But the eyes have a Veto right. If I don’t like the eyes at least a little, then all else doesn’t matter anymore.

      1. Yes, the eyes have it, there’s no doubt about that. The structure of the face, the mouth and smile are all important but the eyes are like mirrors, showing us what’s within. Love your quizzes Ana.

    1. Very true! Actually I’ve read a book once (“Subliminal”) that tells us that our brains are only wired to find attracion in faces. Mostly biceps and botox won’t help. I find that to be only partially true, but indeed, when I had a crush it was always – face and BAM! I couldn’t stop staring 🙂

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