New Year’s Special – Personality Test What is your Calling?

As promised, here goes another Special! This is the final personality test in the What is your Calling? series, and what it requires you to do is this: Relax, and let the concept of “dream job” go through your head. Which of the following words describes best how you feel about this concept? Please stay true to yourself, and don’t force one of these words on yourself, but go with the one that naturally sticks.

  1. Must
  2. Money
  3. Passion
  4. Useful
  5. Pleasure


  1. You feel pretty far removed from your true calling; you might think you know what it is, but your choice shows you do not; it also hints that your vocation has to do with freedom and maybe intellectuality.
  2. You live for success, whether you’re fully aware of it or not; you would be pretty much into anything as long as success and acknowledgement are at the end of the road; you might be good with math and finances.
  3. You’re driven and decided, maybe also perseverant; your strengths may lie in entrepreneurship or sports, and you might be a born leader; you’ll put your personal life on hold for the sake of what you do, you’re dedicated by nature.
  4. You live to serve; you’ll do what it takes to serve your community, you’re grounded and mature; you’re good with people and love to see their needs fulfilled; wisdom is one of your strengths.
  5. You’re born for the arts; you believe that any job requires talent and you might be an advocate of education; you may be given to teaching or mentoring; you like to have a hand in forming the young.

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NEW personality test of the series What’s Your Calling

The time has come for a new quiz of the series What is Your Calling! This is a very subtle one, so try to go deep into yourself when making your choice. Still, try not to take more than 30 seconds in order to ensure that you stay true to your inner self. Don’t let anything and anyone influence you.

Which of the following activities do you most enjoy doing with your hands?

  1. Typing/writing with pens, etc.
  2. Knitting/pottering
  3. Painting
  4. Making knives; anything to do with metal.
  5. Cooking


  1. You’re an intellectual; your mind is your sharpest weapon and it’s what can best serve your fellow humans. That unique something you can offer the world is of intellectual nature.
  2. You’re a creature of crafts; reliable and grounded, you’re useful to society in basic, indispensable ways. That unique something you can offer the world is related to the basis of all professions – crafts.
  3. You’re an artist at heart, but you can also blend the arts with crafts. You’re the decorator, the home-maker, the visionary, the one who can help others build a perfect home and a perfect family. You inspire people. You may challenge tradition.
  4. You’re a warrior, a defender or an attacker, depending on your cause. You’re dangerous and devious. The unique something you can offer the world is martial in nature, for defense or attack.
  5. You’re a nurturing soul. You’re the world’s healer, the doctor, the therapist, the kind heart, the accommodator, sometimes the mentalist. You may have certain inclinations to the occult.

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Quiz 3 – What kind of Lover are you?

Welcome to Quiz 3 of the Series Quizzes – What kind of Lover are you? In Quiz 1 we looked at what your preferences say about you as a lover, while in Quiz 2 we dealt with what you offer with most ease, and what that reveals about you as a lover.

Today I’m going to ask you to answer the following question:

Of the following gifts, which one would you rather receive from your partner on your birthday? (A purely honest answer is vital for a correct assessment)

  1. A romantic dinner
  2. Something symbolic, like a talisman
  3. A sex toy
  4. Something expensive, like jewels or a car
  5. Nothing, I just want them there with me


  1. A romantic dinner – you’re an idealist and a dreamer; to you, love feels like in fairy tales; you want to have a smile on anytime you think of your lover; you’re willing to work on the relationship and maintaining the butterflies or bringing back the “spring feeling;” you can be quite the lover of one’s dreams if you set your mind to it; you’re an optimistic lover that receives love for the positive feelings you wake in your partner.
  2. Something symbolic, like a talisman – to you, a relationship is not only about the romance, but also about the friendship, the camaraderie; you want a particular kind of depth that may have darker hues in the psychological sense; to you, “special” means deep and reliable; you value the heart more than anything, and you’re willing to go through hardship with the one you love; you’re a reliable, serious lover, probably “marriage material” to experts; you inspire not only love, but also respect.
  3. A sex toy – with you it can go in two very different directions – you either connect to the deepest level through sex, since it’s the most intimate thing in the world, and you want to know your lover at the most basic levels, being passionate and intense; AND: you avoid true intimacy and keep it to a level you feel ready to manage for now. You’re just as capable of both, depending on the time you’re at in your life.
  4. Something useful, like clothes or a car – to you, security is of utmost importance; you feel you understand what most people don’t – in your view, the world hasn’t changed that much since ancient times; life still is a struggle to have your needs met; the person who makes you feel secure also makes you fall in love; you appreciate kindness and care to the core of your being, but you’ll sacrifice them to a stricter lover if they make a better provider or satisfy your need for affirmation in society; in return, you can be a docile and very considerate lover that many would die for.
  5. Nothing, I just want them there with me – to you, symbiosis is a strong concept; you desire to love and be loved so much that you become one with your lover; connection on the deepest and at the same time highest level needs either time or truly something divine, like being soul-mates, and you know it; you want to lose yourself in your lover and you make a kind, sweet, soft, accommodating haven yourself that – especially later in life as you become wiser – makes you addictive to your lover; you may be like a drug to them and the other way around, even though in your youth you may have been or come across as clingy.

Each one of these Types of Lovers comes with negative sides. If you’d like to explore them as well as the positive, discovering yourself in depth, feel free to suggest a post in a comment or write to me at to ask for a personal profile and get 10 EUR off! You can ask for a sample personal profile so you know to expect, or you can wait until Saturday, when I’ll post a sample personal profile that I took particular pleasure in drawing up, because it belongs to someone special to me.


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