What do your Unrequited Loves say about you?

If even the smallest thing can say a ton about our personalities, then imagine what something as big as Love can reveal. This is the first of many posts that will focus on what our Love says about us. As always, I’m going to ask you to take a look at the quotes below, and choose the one that rings closest to your heart. It’s going to reveal something about the way you love, and even about how you’re loved in return.

  1. “Love is never lost, even if it’s unrequited. It returns to you and tames and cleanses your heart.” Washington Irving
  2. “I prefer a lost love to a love I never had.” Mircea Eliade
  3. “No man who loves should be called unhappy. Even unrequited love has its own rainbow.” James Matthew Barrie
  4. “Friendship is definitely the best cure against the disappointments of love.” Jane Austen
  5. “The fact that you love someone doesn’t mean they have to be yours. Love isn’t a bandage to cover your wounds.” Hugh Elliot


  1. You have a gift to see the best in almost any situation. Your love is dedicated and often selfless, but also quiet. Beware of that. Some people fail to recognize worth unless you scream it.
  2. Your love is bold, daring, it uncovers its chest and invites the dagger. Passionate and profound, your wounds probably won’t stop you making the same mistake again and again. Your love is intense and addictive.
  3. You’re much calmer in retrospect than you are in the moment of heartbreak. You are a person who focuses on learning, growth and healing. In old age you’ll probably boast a lot of wisdom.
  4. You have a strong sense of self-preservation. Discerning and grounded, your love can be powerful, but almost always less important than reason. In your youth you maybe be/have been easier to intimidate or fool, but this is not the case in older years.
  5. Your love is heavy, serious and committed. But your sharp wit is the hell of a bouncer, so it’s very hard for someone to get in. You’re a fine judge of feelings (and maybe also character). You spot “faulted” loves from afar – co-dependency, Oedipus complex gone wrong, there’s no fooling you. You may be an intimidating lover.

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13 thoughts on “What do your Unrequited Loves say about you?

    1. Dear Gary, who knew, but, to be completely honest, I do feel it suits you. Profound, but tough at the same time. I have a feeling the interpretation is as if made for you.

  1. #2 definitely for me. Lots of intensity in my life at the moment and this one just seems indicative of where I’m at and my emotional state. Hope you’re well Ana.

  2. #3 caught my attention. When I read the meaning, it rang true to me. Ah, wisdom in old age if talking of love and romance is experience born from the fire of love found and love lost in many stages and ages of life. One can guard the heart from the pain of loss but life is far greater to fling oneself into love again and again until it finally stays. At some point one realizes a love worth having is a love worth fighting for, a love worth all the risk.

    1. I saw this coming! I SAW THIS COMING, cuzz 🙂 I could swear you’d choose that one. I don’t always intuit what you’re going to choose, but this time I didn’t have a doubt 🙂

    1. Rings true to me for you, Chris! Even though I know you’re a passionate lover (from your writing and our already long friendship), I somehow always sensed you were the “male-minded”, grounded, intellectual type 🙂

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