What does your Philosophy Quote say about you?

What does your chosen philosophy quote say about you? Take this personality test to find out! As so often before, I’m going to ask you to take a look at the quotes below, go in a relaxed state, and decide which one appeals to you most of the five. Try not to decide on it mentally, but rather feel your choice.

  1. “Knowledge is power.” – Francis Bacon
  2. “Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.” – David Hume
  3. “And after all, what is a lie? But truth in masquerade.” – Lord Byron
  4. “An idiot doesn’t say many smart things, but a genius can talk a lot of nonsense.” – Garabet Ibraileanu
  5. “The heart has reasons that reason knows nothing of.” – Blaise Pascal


  1. Your choice shows a powerful mind, an intellectual; reason is stronger than emotion more often than not; the mind and the heart struggle  with each other, and the mind always wins.
  2. Your choice shows a beautiful mind and kind heart; your innermost mood is generally sunny, you’re good natured and a gem in other people’s lives; altruistic and positive, you can be a well of good energy.
  3. You’re complex and contradicting, your soul goes to dizzying highs but also to abyssal lows; you’re painfully honest to yourself and you can wield a good choice of words.
  4. You don’t take anything for granted; you have an analytical mind, and you may often get hit by a “bird-eye” vision of the world in which everything seems strange or artificial.
  5. This may come as a complete surprise to you, but you have a mathematical mind; your reason is strong, even though you’re an emotional, nurturing person; your feelings are rooted and reliable; you’re realistic and grounded.

So what did you get? I’d love to read from you, so feel free to leave me a comment with your choice. Feel just as free to check out the many available personality tests in the Personality Tests section above, or by scrolling down the Older Posts on the Home page. Looking forward to reading from you!


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24 thoughts on “What does your Philosophy Quote say about you?

  1. I got 2. I guess I’d agree. I’ve been known to be a nice person by people. 🙂 But I also read the other possibilities and they weren’t far off. Kinda reminds me of horoscopes. But nice attempt. I’ve wanted to see something like this done before with Philosophy. 🙂

  2. Hello Ana,

    I vote for number one,and I will explain why.
    Knowledge is a power.But just knowledge which we can implement on our life.To much useless knowledge is not power.Two much knowledge killing knowledge.

    1. That, dear Simon, is exactly what I like to help people do with these personality tests, build their profiles bit by bit 🙂 In the end, if you look at all your choice interpretations over time, you might see a pattern.

      1. That dear Ana is why i love these and you’re great for losing them. I’m not sure I’m seeing a pattern yet. Maybe soon eh?

    1. But of course you would go for a mathematician-philosopher, dear cuzz 🙂 I like Blaise Pascal for being so able to unite mind and heart so well, or interpret one through the other at the very least. I’m actually reading something by this philosopher now

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