Personality Test – What do your Gems say about you?

Welcome to the Wednesday Personality Test – What do your Gems say about you? Please answer the question below within the first 5 – 10 seconds after you have registered all five images, with the greatest honesty. Also, please do NOT read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. Enjoy!


Which of the following gems to you identify with most?

  1. Pearl – you’re a child of the night; you love the moon and the sea, the sound of waves and mystery; the night energizes you and gives you pleasure; you’re not a party person, but rather an introvert or even a recluse.
  2. Diamond – you shine bright, you have charisma and love to be in society; you’re often attractive to the opposite sex and admired or envied by the same sex; you’re desired as trophy as well as partner.
  3. Ruby – you’re fierce and a bit of an aristocrat; you don’t tolerate betrayal, but may be prone to it if you felt it’s for a good reason; you’re vengeful and devious – some of your plans may make even Macbeth envious.
  4. Sapphire – you’re clear but profound, still but potentially overwhelming like a destructive wave; you’re mostly bright and patient, pleasant and accommodating, but you can become a nightmare for transgressors.
  5. Emerald – you’re imaginative and entertaining; you have an intriguing personality, colorful and witty; you have a gift for keeping people hooked somehow, at least for a while; you’re fresh and refreshing.

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Pic sources: Pearl; Diamond; Ruby; Sapphire; Emerald; Featured.

12 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Gems say about you?

    1. Fresh and refreshing, it’s true on your articles! There are two bloggers like that whom I follow, but I was lucky to discover you gems 🙂 There aren’t many like this.

  1. This was spot on. Even though I love the early morning and I’m often in bed at 8.30 I’m usually happy in bed reading or listening to podcasts for an hour or more. I wake at 4.30 when it is still dark. I go to work early when no one else is around. I live alone and have always been happy in my own company. I am immediately attracted to pearls because I am a creature of the beach and waves. I prefer to swim rather than run. I love the buoyancy of the waves and the creatures of the sea fascinate me most of all. If I had a spirit animal it would be an orca. Wild powerful and roaming the ocean.
    I really do not like parties and when invited to parties I crave an excuse not to attend.

      1. I love swimming so much! Don’t get much chance in Berlin, but a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist anymore and went to the pool twice. I was happier than the kids splashing around LO. My star sign is also Cancer, with a lot of Scoprio, so water is my favorite element

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