Personality Test – What do your Spirits say about you?

Welcome to the Monday Personality Test – What do your Spirits say about you? Please answer the question below within the first 5 – 10 seconds after you have registered all five images, with the greatest honesty. Also, please do NOT read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. Enjoy!


Which of the following Spirits do you feel represents you best?

  1. Spirit of the Wind – you’re as hard to pin down as air; you love freedom and tolerance, diversity and enterprise; at your core you’re gregarious and friendly, innovative and spontaneous.
  2. Spirit of the Water – you’re elusive and profound, you’re interested in matters of the soul and have a talent for the occult; you’re a creature of the senses; your energy is the energy of night and moon, of deep and mysterious oceans.
  3. Spirit of the Woods – you’re physical and strong; your body and mind are aligned; your personality is cohesive but diverse, and your interests grounded; your intelligence is sharp; you’re determined, reliable and often a born leader.
  4. Spirit of the Fire – you’re majestic, domineering and powerful; you have a competitive and even combative nature; you’re impulsive but control your fears; your passion consumes and your love possesses.
  5. Spirit of the Stars – you’re imaginative and inquisitive, ethereal and intriguing; you feel infinity and believe in fantasy; the world of your mind is vast; you love mysteries and dreams, and often become one yourself.

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An announcement: Stay tuned for the last episode of suspense & thriller story Lila tomorrow, when Lila will discover a terrible truth. Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Spirits say about you?

  1. I love these personality tests! I don’t know that I have ever picked one that didn’t ring true but I do sometimes feel two at once like on this one where one and two equally stood out and I feel like they are both so true 🙂 I am hard to pin down, elusive, I am 100% about diversity & tolerance, freedom is a must, and i’m deeply interested in matters of the soul the core of people the thing that makes you who you are.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts, Carrie! People are very complex, and I’m sure there will be more personality tests where two or even more choices will stand out to you. I hope you’ll enjoy them all! 🙂

  2. I found this one difficult. It took longer than 10 seconds. I went with Spirit of Fire mainly because the others were a bit too ‘ethereal’. Fire seemed more substantive.

    1. To be honest, Gary, it doesn’t surprise me given your choices to some previous quizzes :). For example Powerful Leader – only as example, there have been a few more. It can be that you’re more controlled and wiser with the experience, but Fire might be the core you were born with.

  3. I chose Spirit of the Woods with Spirit of the Stars a close second.

    It’s interesting when I’m drawn to 2 pictures although I’m more strongly drawn to one than the other, because then both do seem to describe me so well.

    1. Dear Chris, this is fascinating. It might be that, given your “earthly” preoccupations right now, your inner world gives in a bit to another side of you, even though some choices you made to the previous quizzes do hint at Spirit of the Woods too. The combo means your intelligence and fantasy are strong, but so is your sense of reality.

  4. I chose spirit of the stars and I think it fits. My mind must be vast because everything I put in there gets lost somewhere. And I truly am an enigma to myself s it fits. 😀

    1. Yes, my dear muse, I too believe your mind is vast, fascinating, and your soul kind and rich. I doubt you will be able to solve the enigma in this lifetime, but we can discover many wonders the way old desert thieves discovered unspeakable treasures in the old, magic tombs 🙂

      1. I am certain the journey of discovery is more rewarding than a single moment where it all seems to make sense. Until then, I’ll live to explore every room in the mansion and the mysterious labyrinths that connect the stories in my imagination. 😀

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