Personality Test – What do your Castles say about you?

Welcome to the Friday Personality Test – What do your Castles say about you? Please answer the following question as always, with the greatest sincerity. The time for the decision is slightly longer this time though, 10 seconds. It is also very important that you don’t read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. And, most of all, enjoy!


Which of the Castles below represents you best?



  1. Fortified – you’re structured and organized, defensive and often forbidding; you’re wary of the new and intimidating; you have a strong sense of duty, and you’re sometimes domineering; your value system may be Spartan, and you do well in a disciplined environment.
  2. Misty mountains castle – you’re impressive and mysterious, powerful and fascinating; you have a complex personality, yet you’re elegantly cohesive; you’re secretive and maybe with good reason; you may be in possession of some very disturbing truths; you may have a talent for the occult.
  3. With wood and lights – you’re private and romantic; you enjoy your fairy-tale world, your dreams and wild hopes; you’re attracted to secrets and late-night revelations; there’s a lot about you that’s endearing, especially a certain innocence and kindness.
  4. Imposing old mansion with garden – you’re classy and even a bit aristocratic; you take pride in your complexity, value tradition and taste, style and authenticity; you see the importance of history and you trust the filter of your mind; you may be cultivated and often erudite, but you can be grounded in a very business kind of way.
  5. Ice castle – you’re a tough terrain, and only the worthy make it through; getting to know you is a long, hard road in harsh conditions; sometimes you feel you’re out of your own reach; intriguing and a bit eccentric, you’re very imaginative and aim high; you’re still a mystery to yourself in some ways; some people see you as a challenge, and desire you as trophy.

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15 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Castles say about you?

    1. Defensive and protective. Those are fantastic traits for a man to have, Gary! I remeber my husband had a T-shirt with “Defense” on his back a few years ago. I had special butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him from the back 🙂

  1. Once again, you’ve got me! 🙂 I got “With wood and lights” and it describes me pretty much spot on. I wish I could really live there. I guess we can always go to our castles when we go to our happy place. 😀

    1. Dear Sara! I actually wondered who of my blogger friends would pick what, and with you I was caught between your true choice and the first one, but tending more to “with wood and lights”. Super!

    1. Marta, that is a terrific idea! I will have a bridges-quiz next week, because bridges truly are a powerful symbol for a particular side of the psyche. Wonderful suggestion, thank you!

  2. The numbers don’t seem to show up very well on my iPhone.

    But I like the one that looks like part castle and part old English Tudor inn with lights on it.

    I think you probably intend that to be No. 3.

    That analysis seems to be a good description of the Amadeus side of my personality.

    The castle that attracted me the most after that was #4 – which seems to describe the Dracul Van Helsing Vampire Hunter side of my personality.

    1. Oh, this is so interesting! Seems that you and my muse have the Dracul castle in common, but while to him intellect and his grand mind has seized control over the emotions, it is the other way around with you! Fascinating! Your mind is grand, but emotion prevails. Yes, that is No. 3, the inn-like castle 🙂

  3. I selected 4. I’ve always had a passion for the grand estates with gardens. But, would love to have number 3 for my mountain getaway. Number 4 is where most of my dreams occur.

    1. Your first choice is class, intellect and control over yourself. It seems the mind has power over the heart, you keep a tight grip on your emotions. That seems to be paramount for you, since it was the first choice over all the others.

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