Personality Test – What do your Bridges say about you?

Welcome to the Theme Personality Test – What do your Bridges say about you? First of all, thank you Marta Frant for the quiz idea! Indeed, bridges and pathways do say a lot about the human psyche, and Marta realized that very well. Please feel free to come up with ideas and requests, I’ll most probably oblige.

As always, answer the following question with the greatest sincerity. The time for the decision is of 10 seconds. It is also very important that you don’t read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. And, most of all, enjoy!


Which of the following bridges is more representative for your life?


  1. Bridge – Hanging – You often feel your way in life is hard and bumpy, but also beautiful; riddled with hurdles, but mostly you wouldn’t want it any other way; you’re creative when it comes to problem solving.
  2. Bridge – Arch – You’re industrious and crafty, you think big and have a rather majestic personality; you have an eye for the big picture, you have vision and you have a feeling for the mechanisms that move a small or a big universe.
  3. Bridge – Moon – You’re introspective and often baffled by the wonders you encounter in your own inner life; you’re more aware and accepting of the inner workings of the psyche than most people, and you’re creative with them as well.
  4. Bridge – Green mist – You’re attracted to the unknown and sometimes to the dangerous; you’re adventurous and often fearless, even though not necessarily reckless; forever young at heart and hopeful, many people feed on your good energy.
  5. Bridge – Clear – You’re realistic and dependable; you have strong opinions and rarely change your mind; you have an eye for detail and a deep respect for the world of the senses; you rarely fantasize about things you consider unachievable; reality inspires you.

Enjoyed this personality test? Plenty more where it came from. Check out the other personality tests in the Personality Tests section on this site (above), and please share your feelings in a comment. I’m always happy to read from you.

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Pic sources: Bridge 1; Bridge 2; Bridge 3; Bridge 4; Bridge 5; Featured.


16 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Bridges say about you?

    1. I like that one too, dear Rosie. I’m working on a new project about lovers and callings now, but I thought I won’t base them on photos anymore. But I’m reblogging the picture ones once in a while because they say so much about us too.

      1. Yes, I think it fits.

        The green mist one I found quite sinister.

        It reminded me of a place in the woods not far from Blarney Castle in Ireland.

        My dad and I both walked through those woods and we both got sinister eerie feelings there.

        Later my dad read up on those woods near Blarney Castle and discovered that those particular woods was a place where the Druids performed human sacrifice.

  1. This was very hard. All but one (#1) appealed to me and I had to decide quick so I chose (2) Arch. My affinity for architecture, sacred geometry, and the golden ratio pulled me to the arch but it was a hard choice. And naturally it fits 😀

    1. It fits, I’d say so too. You have a grand mind, and from your choices to the previous quizzes it turned out indeed that your mind is very powerful and often subdues the heart.

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