CHRISTMAS QUIZ – What do your Fairy Tales say about you?


And because tonight is the big night, Santa has allowed me to assist him with a special gift: a special Quiz for you tonight – What do your Fairy Tales say about you? Your choices in images and what these trigger have the power to reveal secret sides to you that you yourself may not have discovered yet. This is what I wanted to assist you with these past quizzes, and what I intend for the New Year as well – discover more of yourself.

As always, answer the following question with the greatest sincerity. The time for the decision is of 10 seconds. It is also very important that you don’t read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. And, most of all, enjoy!


Which of the following Fairy Tale Pictures do you identify with best?

  1. Surface and Cave – You’re always looking for the hidden, for what lies beyond and beneath; you have a talent for discovery, whether you call it bad@$$ sixth sense or not; you’d probably make a good detective or therapist.
  2. Tale Venice – You’re schooled in the fine ways of the world; you’re a scholar and a fighter; you have a noble heart and relevant knowledge of the world; you’re wise, protective and kind, fascinating and often compelling.
  3. Window and Book – You have a rich and reliable imagination; you’re creative and productive, an optimist but you may sometimes feel limited by the outside world; you express yourself, but have certain self-imposed boundaries.
  4. Prince and Kids – You’re realistic but optimistic, solution-oriented but creative on the foundation of your own childhood fairy-tales; you believe in the good and ultimately, in your best moments, in the supernatural; you’re a people-lover, a good soul.
  5. Knight and Dragon – You’re a strong and dangerous fighter with inner demons; whether hero or antihero, you have a rich inner world, you’re profound and brave; you can be a leader and really take forward a cause you believe in.

Enjoyed this quiz? Plenty more where it came from. Check out the other quizzes in the Quizzes section on this site, and please share your feelings in a comment. I’m always happy to read from you.

Speaking of fairy tales, I for one miss the stories that engaged my imagination so much as a child. I’m often able to enjoy the very same, but, being an adult, I do crave a bit more, more suspense, more refinement, more mystery, more “bold”. If you’re in the same boat, check out the Christmas Stories – Suspense & Mystery for Adults, available in as e-book on Amazon here. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more quizzes until the New Year’s Eve, with an explosive one on the big night itself.

Pic sources: Surface and Cave; Tale Venice; Window and Book; Prince and Kids; Knight and Dragon. Featured.

8 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS QUIZ – What do your Fairy Tales say about you?

  1. I chose #3.

    It’s the one I was most drawn to.

    #5 I must confess feels like my life at the moment.

    Wandering through dark wintery woods with a giant menacing dragon just over the trees ahead.

    Whether I slay the dragon or the dragon slays me, I can’t really tell.

    But it seems that all of life now is racing inexorably towards that moment.

  2. I suppose there was no surprise I went with Knights and Dragons considering that has been on my mind continuously for quite some time. No way I was going to fail to register that one. But, I did light up on number 2 until number 5 came into view.

      1. I’m guessing it’s nearing midnight in Berlin. I hope you have a fabulous day. Likewise Ana I am very pleased to have met you. Merry Christmas 😃😋🍽🔪🍴🐓🐖🐄🐏🍺🎁🎅🎄⭐️🌟🖖

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