Positive Quotes – Which one lifts you up? The answer will reveal something vital about your personality.

Positive lines can do a whole lot to lift our spirits, to give us power to achieve high goals and break limits. The positive quotes that you feel inspire you most will tell a lot about you and your inner strengths, and will bring you a step closer to the deepest and darkest layers of your personality. Read the Positive Quotes below and decide which one has the strongest effect on you. Read the interpretations to find out what your choice says about you.

  1. Correction does much, but encouragement does more.
  2. Every day brings new choices.
  3. I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day.
  4. You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.
  5. I am not embarrassed to tell you that I believe in miracles.


  1. You’re good at offering what you yourself need, and you may be great at discovering and nourishing the best in people. You’re innovative, and like to challenge tradition. A free spirit, and nonconformist.
  2. You’re positive and forceful by nature. You have a strong personality, get a lot done, you’re a person of action, decisions, of smiles and joy. People might be drawn to you.
  3. You’re wild and very hard to tame – if at all. You’re interested in people’s deepest secrets, and they may often feel they can’t hide anything from you. The opposite sex might often feel naked to your inner eye in some sense, which may result in inexplicable awkwardness.
  4. You often need to feel more cohesive, to align your mind to your soul, your thoughts to your spirit. In truth you do have a well-developed, well-contoured personality, and strong principles. You rarely change your mind.
  5. You’re the pure romantic, a dreamer, and you’re capable of making other people feel they can fly. You retain hope in any situation, but you do feel completely down once in a while. You have a rich inner life. Art and fantasy feed your spirit. You may be a good teacher or artist.

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30 thoughts on “Positive Quotes – Which one lifts you up? The answer will reveal something vital about your personality.

  1. These kind of quizzes are always hard for me because I see so much in each one. But, In this case, #1 followed by the narrowest margin is #5. #1 seems to be a bullseye and #5 seems to capture my evolving state of mind these days.

    1. Very interesting combination, dear cuzz 🙂 It shows that you have gathered a whole lot of experience, since while you’re very well grounded (however tolerant and creative), you have come to accept and really feel that the world is a magical place.

      1. Bingo! While there is great pain that wells up and clouds my thoughts at times, I never fail to see the beauty in all things large and small. 😀

    1. Judging by your choices to previous quizzes, dear Chris, I’d say the structure of your personality doesn’t resonate well with the mainstream requirements of society. This may cause some difficulties of adjustment.

      1. We’ll I’m 1, even when I don’t feel like it. But when face with closed minds I often withdraw. A bit of 2 and 3 kind of, although I’ve not had that effect on the opposite sex. If I have they haven’t told me lol

    1. Also, this often means that you need encouragement as well, and in your past you may have had to do with closed minds such as bad teachers who’ve left a bad mark.

      1. I’ve dealt with all kinds of closed minds, from parents to teachers to bosses… You would think by now I could deal with it. ☺

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