5 Beliefs Sigmund Freud held about life – which one do you deem most TRUE or FALSE?

Sigmund Freud is a name that doesn’t need introductions. He was a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who worked relentlessly to discover truths of the deepest and darkest layers of the psyche, and he was successful for the most part. His words are of great value. Here are some of his beliefs that he left as legacy. Which one resonates most with you as TRUE or FALSE?

  1. The goal of all life is death.
  2. There are two major factors protecting human health: to love one’s job and to love one’s life.
  3. Our weaknesses are our power.
  4. There is no such thing as love, there is only libido.
  5. People are more intelligent than they can imagine, and they are unimaginably immoral.

When making your choice – which one seems/feels most TRUE or most FALSE to you – also consider how the choice makes you feel, the emotions it wakes in you. Share in a comment, and I’ll get back at you with a short interpretation of what your choice says about you. Looking forward to your comment : )


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14 thoughts on “5 Beliefs Sigmund Freud held about life – which one do you deem most TRUE or FALSE?

    1. It seems you are inherently optimistic, as well as tolerant and sensitive. You may be a healer and a haven for negative people, but the challenge is to beware of being pulled into the “pit of darkness” yourself.

  1. It seems you have a very special understanding of love. It may be fascinating to people to talk to you about love, especially from an Eros-and-Thanatos perspective. Fascinating and refreshing might be good words to describe this side of you (the lover).

  2. Ana, I guess I do. Love is something that I’ve strong views on. I believe love makes all things possible. When you feel loved it gives you strength and when you are in love it gives you purpose or something to hang on to or it helps you keep going.

    1. I have strong views on love too, and I’m a bit skeptical of newage relationship therapists because it seems to me they take the easy way out, helping couples separate rather than helping them rediscover the flame and combine the thrill of a crush with the profound character of lontime relationships. I totally feel ya 🙂

  3. #1 False, #2 True, #3 True and False, #4 False, #5 True. #1 rings false to me. Death is just a reality of life. To say it’s a goal implies to me that it is the end state we seek, which is not true in my view otherwise, the strong will to survive would not exist. #2 rings very true for me. #3 is interesting because it has two possible interpretations. a) our efforts to amass power and hold it is a weakness – True. b) Our weaknesses are our path to power -false in my view. #4 seems innately false given humankind’s obsession with love since the first cavegirl kneeled down at the watering hole. Libido is a component of love, a pathway to it, not the end state. #5 is absolute truth to me. When you have witnessed how and why a demographic slaughters another, one realizes it’s difficult to see how any benevolence, altruism, or humanity can exist at all. In a small percentage of the 4 billion of us running around, humanity is a way fo life. For all others, it is something quite different. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😀

    1. Well, dear cuzz, it seems you have achieved a very high state of awareness and truly profound wisdom. It’s clear that your answers come from truly internalized knowledge (a lot of reading, for example) but also experience. This time your choices offer a glimpse into the higher persona rather than the deeper self, the primordial and the basic. It seems that these choices, to you, are about the higher self, the bit of divine inside of us, the persona above the Ego or the ID, the bit of godliness that we’ve inherited from our maker. Wonderful explanations!

      1. I am never tired of wondering how you have such insight through what seems to be abstractions from unrelated topics. The great language of symbolism that is buried in deep layers of the mind is a beautiful gift when it can be seen, heard, and understood in the hierarchy of the mind with such clarity.

    1. 🙂 You show great joy of life and tolerance. I know from your previous quiz choices that you’re kind-hearted, dedicated and loyal, but it may be that at this point in your life you might be feeling a bit rebellious?

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