What is your potential Superpower? – Test 1

Ever wondered what “superpower” you might be inclined to? We are all born with a special talent, and this is what inspired many of the Marvel superheroes – I’m sure you see my point. Humanity has always sensed – as well as yearned for – the potential behind its limitations, and has brought this to surface in mythologies and histories. While the personality tests on this blog keep it to the realm of reality, I do like to dare a glance beyond it once in a while. *Wink*

So here we go:

Please choose one of the following 5 possibilities fast!

  1. Smash
  2. Flash
  3. Pierce
  4. Storm
  5. Listen


You are inclined towards:

  1. Physical strength. You might be a good fighter, warrior or athlete.
  2. You may have the ability of doing things particularly fast.
  3. High intelligence. You can always rely on your mind.
  4. Control of the elements of nature. You may feel a great kinship with nature.
  5. Sensing people’s hearts and minds. You may have often experienced telepathy.


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13 thoughts on “What is your potential Superpower? – Test 1

    1. A valuable gift, being able to listen. The choice shows that you’re a good observer, and a mature person 🙂 People must seek your company, you must be wonderful to be around.

    1. My favorite choice! I wish my subconscious would’ve gone for that one, but it went for something else. It seems your body is very much in tune with nature, and that you have some inclinations towards a special kind of magic 🙂

  1. Only one? I want all five. Why limit me, right? I must admit, I’ve retired from my smash phase. My piercing abilities have dulled. I can’t flash anymore. I like storms because the Mongols thought they were dragons making love. What caught my eye was listen. I can’t get enough of it. I want more listen. 😀

    1. I love storms too. I wish I would’ve been able to choose that one, but it was something different 🙂 You seem to really feel nature with every fiber of your body, and that might hide some interesting inclinations, dear cuzz 🙂

  2. 5 but that’s because I’m partially deaf and have always envied those who have ‘super’ hearing. That said, super listening would be better assuming I have super comprehension.

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