Personality Test – What do your Reflections say about you?

For this one, we’re going to need a moment of introspection. Take a deep breath, keep it in for just a bit, then release the air slowly, looking at the image. As you exhale, the fog clears. Which of the following words best describes what you see with your mind’s eye?

  1. Past
  2. Young
  3. Forever
  4. Future
  5. Dark


  1. You seem to have a cohesive personality; you’re in touch with your true self. You are: Strong and wise.
  2. You’re young at heart, you’re kind, joyful and hopeful. You are: a breath of fresh air.
  3. You’re in touch with the trails of divinity inside the human; you’re optimistic, and you have a sense for infinity and paradise. You are: Inspiring.
  4. You tend to see the full half of the glass; you’re driven and determined, always looking forward. You are: Dynamic.
  5. You may have to re-learn to love yourself; your view of yourself is blurred by sadness, disappointment or even depression. You are: Blinded.

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15 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Reflections say about you?

      1. Great choice of words. Yes, I would say you have a stable and robust personality too of what I’ve been allowed to explore so far, yes!

  1. I definitely felt #1. As much as I talk about darkness of the human spirit, I didn’t feel it even though the overall tone of the picture is dark. My eyes saw a picture of two women in ancient white robes, one clear the other behind the first and obscured. They were in front of a stallion as if the stallion was looking at them. I wouldn’t expect others to see that vision but I see it as clear as if it were the intent of the image. Maybe I should cut back on caffiene. 😀

    1. This shows, dear cuzz, that you find yourself on a journey of exploration. It also shows that you want to understand the feminine energy in its depths. You have great respect for women, an innate respect, which is a highly admirable trait. It also shows your developing connections to your Anima.

      1. That’s very interesting because your quizz was timed perfectly with some intense conversations I’ve had recently. Horses have always been in my family, especially when I was young. My son had two and my sister has several on her farm. The tattoo on my back is a winged Pegasus which symbolizes my spirit. Horses represent strength, loyalty, and free spirit to me. I connect with them when I’m around them. I felt the female forms in flowing white robes could be a connection to my desire for knowledge and affinity for history and my past. But, there was this feeling that one of the feminine forms was the influence of anima who calls herself Sofia. I only recently learned the connections of the name to Carl Jung’s teachings of anima and the history of the goddess Sofia, the goddess of wisdom. So this was an image and quiz that dove deep in my psyche. I think without the precursor of those recent discussions, I would have had a totally different perspective.

      2. 🙂 I would add, dear cuzz, that the horse and the Pegasus are inherently masculine symbols, and I’d dare venture to say that you might have made a lot of use of masculinity, and that you feel the need to explore the still but deep and dark waters of the feminine for a change.

      3. I agree. I have truly focused very hard on understanding men’s issues and how it affects women. It helps me understand some of those horrendous nightmares that haunt me as I witnessed how females were victimized in areas of conflict, in my family, my friends, and in my society. You and Gideon have been a wealth of guidance and insight. I correspond with several other intellectual souls that not only have common sense views but point me to references I can study on my own. It has been an eye-opening sojourn and confirms what I have always felt and that was the beast within is barely bridled by religion, education, and social structure. I see where men are nutured as young boys and have a solid male mentor, they don’t exhibit the negative traits of many men unless provoked to it. What does this say about the overwhelming chasm between the genders now and the overt unwillingness of men to see men’s issues as the root of their mistreatment of women and even other men? The fascinations come from the fact I saw myself as no better but certainly hoped I was no worse. To understand, I had to find where I fit in. I was capable and comfortable with complete disregard for life, but was that disregard based on virtuous goals or incarnate evil? That is the root of my need to know.

    1. You sure are a haven for the people you love and those who love you back. This is what your choice says in connection with your previous choices 🙂

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