Personality Test – What do your Captions say about you?

What can One Image and One Word alone say about our personality? Image and Word are two representations that can take us very deep in our subconscious (Freud takes a close look at this in “The Ego and the ID” – among others – and Carl Jung in “Man and his Symbols”). Now let us build our own perspective on it. Please take a look at the featured picture, and pick the title that best describes how this picture makes you feel:

  1. Life
  2. Afterlife
  3. Scary
  4. Journey
  5. Meaning


  1. Rarely does fear have anything on you. You’re optimistic and strong. You are: Life-giving energy.
  2. You’re deep and mysterious, often even to yourself. You are: Mystery.
  3. You don’t easily go down there, in your sub- and unconscious. You are: Dark Waters.
  4. You’re bold and energetic; to you, the unknown is a challenge. You are: Adventurer.
  5. What you care about is the core, the founding principle, the ultimate truth. You are: Spiritual.

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21 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Captions say about you?

    1. Wow, I would dare say that you’re a so-called cautious adventurer. This doesn’t mean you’re less adventurous than pure daredevils, you’re simply more responsible.

    1. Interesting! This means that the journey you feel you’re taking is towards discovering your own meaning, towards your own essence OR discovering a universal truth. You might be journeying to find divinity, immortality, the singular truth.

  1. I said #4 as well.

    Although I don’t think of myself as an adventuresome person.

    I think of the Journey in that picture as returning to the place you originally came from.

    Which matches my life at that moment.

    If I can’t think of any way to get back to my home province of Alberta, I really think I shall have a breakdown (I can’t afford to financially move back).

    I think Sherrie is the only one of my friends who intuitively knows what I’m going through- lighting candles for me and saying prayers and hoping I’ll be all right.

    I just hope I’ll be all right too.

    1. I hope so too, dear Chris, and I pray as well. I know in your situation you’d probably prefer another kind of help as well, but please do not be upset with those who cannot help in that way. Most of your friends are also intellectuals, and intellectuals have a hard time paying their bills these days. Otherwise you would certainly get much more help from them, especially financially. I will try to find some agents for you and your work these following months, but things will take a while. They always do with agents.

    1. Knowing you, dear cuzz, at least a little bit, I would say indeed you’re the born adventurer at heart, even though in time the adventurer might’ve shrouded himself with the cloak of wisdom and healthy caution.

      1. Yes indeed, my favorite Cuzzin in the whole wide world, the cloak of wisdom was gained by experience to which I was a moth to flame in my youthful exuberance. That exuberance has tempered over time.

    1. Do you feel there’s a mystery goal at the end of it? Or are you already aware of the goal, and keep it before your eyes at all times? I think this is very important in order to assess whether you are an adventurer or a driven person with ambition.

      1. Thanks Ana, I wouldn’t have thought of myself like this in the past but I think you might be right. Hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂

    1. Maybe, dear Rosie, you will yet surprise yourself 🙂 I for one would never count as adventurer no matter how deep one digs, hehe. I wish I did, though

  2. 4. My immediate thought was this is the start of something and there is a destination to aim for. Along the way there will be clouds that may try to impede my path but if I stay straight and true I will continue.

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