Personality Test – Where does this journey take you?

Take a look at this picture and please leave in a comment this: Where would you say this journey takes you? Based on your answer, I’ll get back to you with a few words about some hidden traits of your personality. I’m looking forward to your answer 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Personality Test – Where does this journey take you?

    1. This is a super interesting choice, dear Sara. This says about you that your mind is super rich and complex, but also colorful and actually much more joyful than I suspect you’d give yourself credit for. As I come to know you a bit better (also through your wonderful writing) I would say you’re a true seeker and lover of freedom which, believe it or not, is a super rare trait! Especially for women! It may be part of what confuses you about yourself… This opens the gate for profound exploration…

      1. Wow you’re epic at this, Ana! That’s true how the freedom seekers aren’t normally women and that can really clash with the need to be loved, since most men seem to want to be tamed and seduced by a woman. But you’re right, it still does leave the gate open for profound exploration. 🙂 You’re also right about me being joyful – I love how you caught that! I do love to laugh and will run from any situation that makes me sad for too long.

      2. I’m truly honored that you enjoy these personality exploration tests, and that you appreciate them, dear Sara! Yes, I truly would say, even though I’ve known you only through writing and our online communication, that you are an inherently joyful person who happens to be unusual especially through a love of freedom which is not a frequent human trait, let alone a trait specific for women. This wildness and love of freedom is probably greatly misunderstood, because the fewest people can truly resonate with it.

    1. It seems you’re quite lucid and resilient. This says about you that you’re a highly spiritual person, with talent for the depths of psych. Your willingness to “take the train” to the past shows strength.

    1. Interesting what this choice says about you… You seem not to set expectations from life or people. You may have desires, but you don’t rest them on anyone’s shoulders. You let life surprise you, which may save you a lot of suffering that tends to appear when expectations aren’t met.

  1. My first thought without looking too hard was that it’s taking me straight into a tunnel of love into my future. When I really studied it I saw the face which was kind of creepy and I started second guessing myself (which is also part of my nature).

    1. Dear Miriam, it seems the central word in your comment is “love”, which shows that you’re romantic to the core. It could be that landscapes give you sensations in the heart and belly that feeling in love usually creates? You’re very imaginative in matters of the heart.

    1. Yes, dear Rosie, it was something similar to me as well 🙂 Your choice shows a soul in love with fantasy. You enjoy the element of “surprise” the future brings, and you’re an optimist person who mostly expects the best.

  2. My comment would be Racing Towards The 11th Hour Destination.

    The next statement is not a comment but an observation.

    As I was looking at this picture for the third time, I suddenly noticed a human face bound with ropes screaming on the right hand side of the clock.

    It’s actually a very distinct human face once you notice it not one of those Rorsach looking blobs where you can imagine anything.

    This is quite a terrifying looking picture as soon as one notices that.

    1. Yes, the face may have a subliminal message to the eye, so to say, dear Chris. You might be surprised, but your choice of words to describe the feel of the picture points at a rather analytical and well-structured mind – the mind of an engineer maybe – but paired with a lot of erudition.

      1. Funny, my dad once used very similar words to describe my mind.

        I suppose that’s why I always felt so drawn to the character of Sherlock Holmes because his mind was quite analytical.

    1. Traveling back in time as the first thought, dear Gary, means that you feel your past feeds and fuels your being. There’s a center of strength there. You have respect and maybe even reverence for the past. You may respect tradition (even though not necesssarily bow to it). AT THE SAME time, you love innovation and seem to be very open-minded.

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