17 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Captions say about you?

    1. Dear Miriam, it seems Renewal is what gives you strength. The nature, the geography of the places where you spent your childhood might work energetic wonders on you. You may draw your strength from your past, mainly nature.

  1. I know those are the Tree of Life in two parts of black and white.
    But the images of it being in the middle, reminded me of the figure Kraken with loads of tentacles trying to scratch the other Kraken. Twins of sort.
    The pic of this reminded me of Freud! LOL

    1. Kraken and Freud, dear Sherrie 🙂 You’re very familiar with darkness, and your intellect is sharp. The connections you make are far from usual. People may see you as a fascinating person.

      1. Oh, dear, yes … I know the darkness very well. Been through so much things in my past and even now I am in great battle and trials of my life even. You see this very clear and close enough to know me. I think, I am too mysterious at the same time.


    1. This shows that your intuition and wisdom are both very profound, dear D 🙂 .You may believe strongly in destiny, and you have deep understanding for the human being’s both strengths and weaknesses. You rarey ever judge anybody.

      1. My goodness, Ana. How do you get so deep in my head. Although I don’t consider myself wise or profound I do look deep into people of interest and try very hard to understand them. To feel what the feel and see with their eyes. My interest can wear out my welcome quickly but I see the beauty in all creatures and most of all my fellow humans. But, I also understand the darkness in all of us. Myself included.

    1. Oh, dear Gary! This says about you that you have two different but well interconnected sides to your personality. Could it be the cool-headed, analytical person who puts reason in charge, and the intensely emotional and fierce part of that person? You may have had a lot to struggle with the emotional part of your personality in childhood and youth.

    1. This means things are all about right and wrong to you in this life, dear Chris. You have higher morals than even you might expect of yourself. You tend to be just and, when you’re not, you take responsibility for it.

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