Personality Test 4 – What’s Your Calling?

Welcome to a special edition of the What’s your Calling? Series Personality Tests! This time we’ll make it short and crisp, and we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty – some specific discoveries about your professional inclinations. Please answer the following question (to yourself or to us too in a comment – we’d love that!) with the utmost sincerity, as you did in the previous quizzes:

Which of the following possible (fictional!) Movie Titles appeals to you more:

  1. I saw more than just a ghost
  2. Money Jackals
  3. The Nurse
  4. The Unknown History of Pharaoh P.
  5. New earthlike Planets – BBC documentary


  1. I saw more than just a ghost – Personality: inclinations to the abstract; writer, worker in the visual arts, coach.
  2. Money Jackals – Personality: mundane and driven; broker, financial advisor, accountant, banker.
  3. The Nurse – Personality: helper, selfless; doctor, nurse, therapist, counselor.
  4. The Unknown History of Pharaoh P. – Personality: inquisitive, logical thinking; archeologist, lawyer, researcher.
  5. New Earthlike Planets BBC documentary – Personality: curious, dark depths; writer, scientist, professor.

If you enjoyed this personality test, stay tuned for more of the What’s your Calling? Series Personality Tests next Monday, but until then don’t miss the next quiz of the What kind of Lover are you? Series Personality Tests on Thursday.

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I’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and feelings in a comment and, if you like, especially your chosen answer to this personality test. You know I’m always super curious : )


19 thoughts on “Personality Test 4 – What’s Your Calling?

  1. #4 & #5 caught my eye right away because I love history but it’s the secrets of the Universe that always wins for me. The description seems very right for me with #5.

      1. Yes, 4 had very strong appeal but my greater interest lies in the cosmos. And I have done all of those career tasks in one form or another. So to me it was surprisingly accurate. Still, I can never easily walk away from a good history lesson. 😉

      1. No, I haven’t yet, but I sure will as soon as possible because you recommended it – very soon, it’ll be my “dessert” for some free time these days.

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