On The Dark Side of your Spirit Animal

First of all, I’d like to thank Arcane Owl for the idea for the article. They wanted to know more about the dark side of their spirit animal, since the Quiz (if you haven’t taken the quiz about your spirit animal yet, you can take it here) focused more on the strengths than the weaknesses, on the bright side rather than the dark side.

Before I go on writing a few of the “darker” traits of the spirit animals, I’d like to tell you a bit (just a bit) about WHY I don’t normally do that.

First of all, I’m sick and tired of the downright dystopian inclinations of our media and entertainment. I’m a people lover, and my intention with these quizzes is to help you discover what’s good about yourself, the strengths you can build on, the traits you can sharpen and use to attain your goals in life.

Our self-esteem is often a wreck of its accord, and we don’t need someone else to hammer the nails in our wrists. Focusing on the bad only weakens the good. Zooming in on the dark only reduces the light. I always have and always will focus on the bright side and will always bring your strengths in the limelight. As a former teacher I know this works wonders, nurtures talent, power and confidence.

That being said, off to the dark side:

  1. Wolf – you can become a victim of false friends. You may warm snakes at your breast. You would go to any lengths to protect those you care for. Sometimes, however, you can go aggressive on the wrong people.
  2. Fox – you’re often subversive and use your cunningness to put others at a disadvantage. You can be vindictive and your honesty bends. You may be forced in situations where your dignity is challenged, and you’ll play the part, but you’ll get back at the offender.
  3. Lion – you’re too proud and often vain. You may have a sense of entitlement, which bothers. You repay loyalty but suffer greatly if betrayed. When hurt, you may fall prey to falsely sweet tongues licking your wounds, to flattery.
  4. Bear – you may indulge in too much relaxation time. Escapism is a danger. Your loves are long-lasting, but you may stay true to people who hurt you. You tend to avoid problems instead of solving them.
  5. Dolphin – you’re often too sweet, trying to please everybody. You may be easily taken advantage of. To top it all, those whom you’ve proved your worth to act all proud and have you prove yourself again and again. You’re terrified of disappointing, a trait which can be used to manipulate you.

These are some of the “dark” traits of these spirit animals. Of my experience I may confidently state that the good outweighs the bad, and that the qualities outweigh the defects by far. Let me know your thoughts in a comment, I’m always happy to read from you.

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12 thoughts on “On The Dark Side of your Spirit Animal

  1. Yipes! The dark side of a fox can be a rather scary thing. It’s interesting – I was just thinking the other day about the manipulation and downright cold behaviour I exhibited about five years ago when I had to “escape” from a situation I didn’t like. I’m just now absorbing the guilt for the pain that I caused. But I was trapped. Trapped foxes can be bad.

      1. Aw thank you! 🙂 I think oftentimes when we hurt people, we don’t even mean to or realize how much in the moment, then you look back and think “Wow… I actually did that.” 😮 But I love that you mostly focus on the positive aspects of a person’s character. That said, it’s always fun to dabble in the darkness for a very short time. :$

  2. Very good post, Ana. Your expression of the dark side of the wolf, my spirit animal was spot-on. And I’m glad you clarified your point and objective with your quizzes and profiles. Darkness is as much a part of being human as our light. But, we don’t have to let the darkness master us and to do that we always need to try to face the light. Let the positive aspects of life guide us and in our darkness, we have a direction to turn.

    1. Thank you, dear muse! It’s true, the very purpose of darkness is for us to appreciate the light. A famous scientist even put it this way once: darkness is only the absence of light. I’m therefore grateful for every ray of sun 🙂

  3. An interesting post Ana. For me, maybe because I’m a Libran, it’s all about balance. Being aware of my weaknesses means that I can harness the positives and learn from them. But definitely in life I prefer to focus on good aspects and build on them.

    1. Thanks so much Miriam. Oh, yes, Librans are all about balance. It would also be interesting to see what other plants you have in Libra besides the Sun. Since you enjoy travel and freedom so much I suspect some Aquarius in your profile too 🙂

  4. Ana, thanks a lot for the post. I do understand it’s good to look at the brighter side as it enhances one’s confidence. However, it is important to be aware of your weakness as well be accepting of it to be a self aware individual. Thanks again:)

    Have a great day!
    Arcane owl

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your opinion 🙂 From my experience as a teacher I learned most people know their weaknesses, and pointing them out is quite easy for anyone. The hard job is thinking how we can help our friends see their stregths and use them to improve their lives. It’s not about baseless confidence – I’m the first to shake my fist at that – but about harnessing talent that is productive. *Big Hug*

      1. Can’t agree with you more 🙂 however, I think people should learn to embrace their dark side as well to lead a balanced life. I do understand some may not like being told about their weakness but I was just curious as always 🙂

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