One Image. One Word. What do they reveal about you?

Welcome to a new One Image-One Word personality quiz, in which I’ll gladly interpret each one of your answers.

Take a look at the picture above and share in a comment the first word that comes to your mind. Based on that I’ll get back at you with three personality traits that word reveals about you in connection with the picture. Thank you in advance for sharing, and I’m looking forward to your comments! 🙂

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50 thoughts on “One Image. One Word. What do they reveal about you?

    1. You see beyond appearances; if you don’t, you imagine what lies beyond the facade. You’re curious about other people and their stories and seek to learn and understand them.

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    Check out Ana Calin’s blog which features spell binding stories & revealing personality assessments.
    Here is her most recent one: Choose a word to describe a beautiful picture & she will tell you what your word choice says about you. Enjoy! 🙂

    1. Dear Sara, this choice shows once more your strong fantasy and ability to imagine, to “visit” other worlds. Your softness of soul and the fact that you escape daily hurdles into a world of fantasy.

  2. Oh, another Quiz! Lovely!
    I would say, BEAUTIFUL!

    So, what do you think on that one, Ana?

    I should spend time coming here often to read you.
    I am going to check on your Marquis blogs.
    I too, wrote a warrior-like or ghostly and paranormal stories.
    But that is on the other account.
    I will send you the link soon.
    Would want to know your opinion?

    1. Hi Sherrie, it’s great to have you back! I’d love to read your story, please send me the link.
      Your choice of word says about you that it’s very hard for something to get to your soul. You’ve seen and experienced too much to be easily impressed. You’ll always be nice and have something nice to say, but you’re harder to please and get to than some people would expect 🙂

      1. Oh, dear … Now, I do feel old.
        And very ancient! LOL
        Because that is what my nearly six years old girl told me. “Oh, Mommy! You are ancient!” hehehe …

        Oh, gosh … I’ve been ill for quite sometimes and got the worse stomach bug ever. My weight were drastically dropped in 2 weeks and refused to eat anything. But I forced myself the least to take a bowl of soup or something …

        Now, I am on the way to recovery. Although I did start to go to work. I mean money has to come from somewhere, you know … Yeah … Hard to be an adult, right? That is what I told my kids that they have a good life. That is, they can stay at home however they want.! 😛

      2. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling bad, dear Sherrie! Thank God everything is better now. Ancient, yes, I sometimes feel like that too but I try to search for the bright side. I’m sure there’s one LOL

      3. Indeed. You wait until I become an “old witch” hahahahaa. I just hope I’ll have the ability to turn into a young woman and sweep my man off his feet with my beauty, otherwise witch power is meaningless LOL

      4. Uuuuu … that is cool power you have!
        My great grandmother and grandmother were a witch in the family – on my mother’s side. But until the missionary came to our village that all are either condemned or slowly abandoned as the old culture are long forgotten.

        They are the good witch that has a closer connection to nature. Pity that I have never really inherited that part of our family tradition as I as busy with school … Pity that old wisdom are lost in time …

        Good that you have the witchy power like that. My mother used to joke on me one time, saying, “Do you know why I can keep your father down?”

        I shook my head and she replied simply. “That’s because I am the bad witch! I zap his butt if he don’t listen!”

        And me responding to her. “Mommm!!!” LOL

        Then she just laughed all the time thinking she loves it just to teased me like that. Crazy parents I have!

      5. I was joking too, of course. I wish I were a good witch, but that would cost me God’s favor I guess, judging by what they say 🙂 So I rather not

    1. This says about you that you enjoy a good secret; you’re secretive yourself, introspective and are still discovering yourself. You enjoy discovering the world inside other people as well. Thank you for the follow, it’s great to meet you 🙂

      1. Hi Ana

        Nice to meet you too 🙂 I’m surprised by your accurate interpretation…… Interesting…..Thanks a lot.

        Have a great day!
        Arcane owl

    1. You’re creative, but also inquisitive and more grounded than many people would think. You do see things as exactly what they are, but you also see the beauty and opportunity in what other people would label a simple fact of life.

    1. Oh, Miss Andi, thank you so much! Wow, I’m really honored! Sure I accept the nomination. I don’t have experience with blog awards, so I don’t know how one reacts in such situations and what I’m supposed to do, but I’ll learn. *Hugs*

      1. You’re most welcome Ana! Depending on your enthusiasm you might react with a happy dance, scream & shout or a confident nod 😉
        Getting an award is a trick BTW, you’re getting some assignment in fact! There are questions to answers, a post to write and other blogs to nominate 😉 hope you’ll enjoy it though!

    1. You’re a grounded person, dear Rosie. You may love fiction, but you never lose your sense of reality. You make the difference between passions, hobbies and real life, and you’re rarely ever a victim of escapism.

    1. Dear Anna, this says about you that your mind rules over your heart; you’re rarely influenced by something; you’re probably a hypnotist’s nightmare. I imagine you as one of those people who lift their left arm when asked to lift the right one. You seem to be naturally defiant. Future quizzes will tell us more.

      1. Your choice says about you that you often feel you don’t belong; you need a “home,” and probably have a so-called “sanctuary” within yourself. The stairs take you there.
        There’s also another possible interpretation of your answer, and namely that you grew up in a place that bears some similitude to this picture. Something in it, some detail, may have triggered the association.

    1. To you, Mirian, stairs are a positive symbol. They take you to happy places. It’s not so much the image of the stairs as the place you feel they take you. You’re probably good at putting yourself in a “comfortable” place when you need to relax. Meditation comes easy to you.

      1. Thanks Ana. This is mostly true. I have a lot of stairs in my house, so I guess they do take me to happy places, where I can relax. As for meditation, I wish it did come easy.

      2. It will. I’m sure you need less training than others. Have me try to meditate, and I’ll get a nose itch, back pain, fidgeting and I’ll hear all dogs LOL. Your only problem seems to be (from your choice) that you can’t stop the flood of thoughts, you can’t silence them. But other than that, I think you can overcome the challenges much better than most.

  3. Inviting. The image speaks of a long lasting estate now unkempt. Good fortune has past, but the warm light and open door means someone is home and I feel the pull to see who is there and hear their story and maybe explore the tarnished grandeur of the inside if it’s offered.

    1. Dear muse, this means you’re an explorer; you enjoy probing deep people’s minds and souls (through their history) to get to the essence of their being. You’re capable of admiring others, and you enjoy being fascinated by them.

      1. Oh, Ana, you nailed it again! Yes, the greatest reward to me is to meet someone willing to share the history of their life. I’ve met the most fascinating people simply by listening and showing interest.

    1. Dear Chris, this says about you that life is a stairwell to you, and you must discover whether you walk down on it or up. First choice that comes to mind will tell the truth about it. Life is a journey of discovery to you, mostly hard, but you strongly believe there is a purpose.

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