One Image. One Word. What do they reveal about you?

Welcome to a new One Image-One Word personality quiz, in which I’ll interpret each one of your answers.

Take a look at the picture above and share in a comment the first word that comes to your mind. Based on that I’ll get back at you with three personality traits that word reveals about you in connection with the picture. Thank you in advance for sharing, and I’m looking forward to your comments! 🙂

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30 thoughts on “One Image. One Word. What do they reveal about you?

    1. This says about you that images transpose you in another world. When you look at an image you can put yourself in the setting, feel it, smell it and hear it. This is typical of creative people.

    1. This says about you that you’re highly empathic and tune in to the emotions around you. They can influence your state of mind, and it often drains you of energy. You’ve probably learned to protect yourself in time.

      1. Wow, that’s eerily accurate. I do tune in very much to what’s going on and the emotions around me and it does often leave me feeling drained. Thanks Ana.

  1. Memories. I’ve always been fascinated with old weathered and abandoned homes and barns. In the south, they were very prevalent as I rode with my parents or grandparents on trips to visit relatives. They made me want to know about the lives of those that lived there in the past. I was recently telling Sara about an abandoned cabin I found while hiking in the mountains in Colorado and the abandoned towns from the 1800’s that one can still visit. It simply captivates me and reminds me of memories, mine and those missing from the abandoned homes.

    1. This is so captivating! I too have a fascination with abandoned homes, and am interested in the lives of those who lived there. It’s also very inspiring for stories. This says about you that you like exploring the sub- and unconscious, are eager to learn new things not only about yourself but also about others; you’re well in tune with your past and with the spirits of people who have passed; you probably feel their presence strongly.

      1. Right on the money again, Ana. It always amazes me how close you get to revealing aspects of a person’s life from seemingly unrelated images and questions. This one drives deep into the inner core.

    1. You like the unconventional; you’re “different” and you’ve come to enjoy it; it was not always so; you’re not afraid of “dark” and “decayed;” you’re comfortable with and accepting of it.

    1. Chris, this means that you get the “feel” of people and places. You don’t even have to make an effort, it comes naturally to you. Also, you’re a man who “looks up” first. You believe in a higher power.

    1. Rosie, this says about you that you’re a nurturing person. Your “language” of showing love is probably doing things for the people you love. You’re caring and soft-spoken.

    1. Dear Sara, this says about you that appearances mean something to you. This choice combined with your choices to previous quizzes shows that you give everybody a chance – whether you like it or not; it’s built in; you tell yourself you won’t trust easily again, but then you go ahead and do just that 🙂

    1. Dear Gary, I think the doctor in you makes himself felt in your choice this time 🙂 You see beyond the facade. First time you lay eyes or someone or something, you search for the “problem” so you can then focus on the solution. I must say, your choice shows you focus on what’s beyond, yet not necessarily from a spiritual perspective, but a downright physical one. You will go all the way to the deepest depths, until there’s no deeper place to go.

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