Quiz – One Image. One Word. What do they reveal about you?

Welcome to a new personality test, everybody, one that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while.

Take a look at the picture above and share in a comment the first word that comes to your mind. Based on that I’ll get back at you with three personality traits that word reveals about you in connection with the picture. Thank you in advance for sharing, and I’m looking forward to your comments! πŸ™‚

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53 thoughts on “Quiz – One Image. One Word. What do they reveal about you?

    1. Beginning, great word to show that you’re optimistic, and you often have “spring feelings.” You love being in love πŸ™‚ You love having a horizon full of possibilities

  1. You’re optimistic by nature. Your spirit is capable of renewal and rebirth. You’re mentally healthy. Light has a profound effect on you. You may respond well to light therapy, if it’s ever necessary.

    1. πŸ™‚ This says about you that natural beauty stirs deep feelings inside of you. You’re in tune with nature and respect it. You sense it vibrate to the deepest frequencies of your beeing. This also says about you are a delicate soul.

  2. Ah, how does one choose only one word for this, a number of them came to me looking at: the perfection of the sunrise, the triumph of light over the dark clouds, the endless opportunities… sorry! If you definitely definitely need one word: dreamy. 😊

    1. Dear Miss Andi, the first word your subconscious mind chose was – Perfection πŸ™‚ Then you settled for Dreamy, and these two seem to be going hand in hand. This says about you that perfection only exists in a dream-world to you, even though you fight to believe perfection can make it into the world as we know it. You cherish nature, and believe nature is perfect, and it can lead man to perfection as well if man follows her model.

      1. How cool Ana! I do think nature, and especially the sky and the ocean, are perfect in a way we can’t be any more with our technology and minds focused on something else. But still, I used to be a perfectionist which caused me a lot of problems, mostly for my mental health. It still lingers but I’m working very hard not to give in so I’m glad you think I’ve accepted that it can only come true in dreams or the dreamy mother nature.
        Thank you for taking the time to analyse it! Do you have a system or is it intuitive?

      2. Thank you so much, Miss Andi, for sharing this with me! I do have a system, I’m a psychology addict, but as Carl Jung says in his Interpretation of Dreams, interpretation is impossible without intuition. One has to love people and I thank God for intuition, which is actually a form of logic gone sub- and unconscious as a consequence of experience. Like riding the bike.
        It’s fantastic that you’re working on your Perfectionism, which is a “condition” my husband also struggles with. It cost him greatly, but now he’s working on it too. He too faces some challenges. Is your star sign Virgo?

      3. I’m a Cancer so I wanted to be perfect to please other people, such as my Virgo ex-husband lol. It was a tough time, him seeing and verbalising every detail I wasn’t perfect the way he defined perfection. Even after all these years I still hear his voice as my inner critic.
        Interesting concept about intuition, I think there are 2 different types: one internalising experience like you said and the other like magic, just comes with a person πŸ˜‰
        Have you been working long on your system?

      4. I’m Cancer and my husband is Virgo πŸ™‚ We have a lot in common, it seems, you and I. About the system, it was a while. I started working on it three years ago, but the psych reading goes back 15 years. My mom’s a doctor and a psychoanalyst, so I was exposed to it.

      5. Lol that’s a funny coincidence! They say Virgo and Cancer work well together, I’ve many Virgo friends funnily enough!
        So you grew into this, how cool is that! It’s great that you let people see the results of your work like this, thanks again! πŸ’š

    1. Thank you, Sam πŸ™‚ This says about you that you’re a grateful person; you’re kind and empathic, and I’d venture to say you’ve probably had experiences in life where miracles have happened; these experiences left you a new man.

      1. Well what to say, you are right, I was an atheist, I was in dark, and the song Amazing Grace says

        “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
        That saved a wretch like me,
        I once was lost but now am found,
        Was blind, but now, I see.”

        Truth be said, I was in so dark places, that no light, no hope could have brought me back not once twice but many a time.

        So I would say you are absolutely right!
        Looking forward to read your blog regularly now!

      2. You know Ana, I’m sorry I just don’t know why I not wrote this in the last comment, but something in me is like keeping on pushing to the edge to say this that.
        One thing happened that “New Man” which you said, its not that I became Super Human or something, its not that I don’t commit sins, its not that I don’t fall in dark pits, it the only believe that changed me, was even if I fall in the dark pit with no hope of getting out, I’m sure that there would be one person, One Jesus, who can just hold my hand and get me out of there. That’s it, thanks for hearing me out. Much Love

    1. Your choice says about you that beauty has a healing power over you; you like things groomed and well-kept; you like harmony and have most probably good taste in clothes.

    1. This says about you that you value freedom above all else you might attain in life; you might have difficulty settling for things because you feel it may limit your freedom; you thirst for knowledge and experiences πŸ™‚

    1. Hi πŸ™‚ This says about you that the outer world has an influence on your moods; you need outside input to brighten your outlook sometimes; people’s presence often drains you of energy and you need the energy of nature to recharge your batteries.

    1. This means that you’re a peaceful person by nature; you’re kind and mostly calm; I have some friends who would envy your “zen,” how they like to call it πŸ™‚

    1. Dear Rosie, this means you always look on the bright side of things. You will always choose the sunny outlook on life and seek opportunity even on dark days. You do get sad once in a while, but you’re determined and will always have a goal to keep you focused.

    1. This says about you, dear Chris, that you’re you’re an introspective person who gets energy from the world within himself. Social relationships may feel like a burden and an effort to you.

  3. Spellbinding. I am spellbound by this picture. I see, feel, hear, and smell a thousand things and it all points to the essence of all I believe about my life. The tempest, sunrise and sunset, darkness and light. This is representative of the Titan Hyperion’s sky and the deep, dark waters of the Black Dragon. The symbology the picture represents to me is all encompassing.

    1. Well, dear muse, I can’t stop at just one word, I’m influenced by the rest πŸ™‚ But the first word weighs the most. Your choice of words here says about you that you value sensations in life, and sensations nourish your inner life. You dislike having to decide between things, but you’ve become a master at it. You accept what life throws at you without complaint, but will always seek to make the very ultra best of it.

    1. Miriam, you have the ability to enjoy beauty and to appreciate what you have; you also have the ability to live in the moment, at least once in a while, which is rather rare. You’re a grateful person, and therefore probably well-liked.

      1. I think you’re quite right Ana, I do try to live in the moment (though I’m not always successful) and I enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the world and all that is around me. You are very perceptive. Thanks Ana.

    1. This means you’re a realistic person, dear Gary. You’re optimistic when there’s reason, and won’t hide from a problem when you identify one. Mostly you have a bright outlook on life.

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