What do your Animals say about you? (I)

Welcome to a new Theme Quiz that will reveal what your choice of Animals has to say about you. This is Part I of “Animals,” since more similar quizzes will follow in time. All you have to do is read the question, then the choices, and please make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understood what each choice means. Do NOT read the interpretations before you’ve made your choice, and be completely honest. Be completely true to yourself, this is a MUST for a correct assessment. And most of all – Enjoy! : )

Which of the following animals do you identify with more?

  1. Wolf
  2. Fox
  3. Lion
  4. Bear
  5. Dolphin
  1. Wolf – you’re a survivor; you concentrate on what’s important, and quickly see through the useless details in any given situation; wise and calculated, feared and respected, looked up to and often consulted.
  2. Fox – you’re cunning and patient, and you often think the goal is worth the means; you may not always be opposed to bending the rules; an achiever and a strategist.
  3. Lion – you’re proud and loyal, fierce but kind; you demand admiration and dedication, and will not accept anything but the first place; you might like luxury and care about appearances.
  4. Bear – you like things predictable; you like your comforts and set patterns, have old friends and probably are a traditionalist; you may enjoy evening talks by a nice fire; you’re reliable and generally well-liked.
  5. Dolphin – you’re dedicated and empathic, a true friend and generally an optimist; you enjoy spreading happiness; you’re well-loved, and people seek your company because they feel you genuinely care about them.

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40 thoughts on “What do your Animals say about you? (I)

    1. This means you’re loyal and loving. You may sacrifice yourself for the sake of loved ones. You must be careful not to be taken too much advantage of.

    1. Dear Sara, in comination with your choices to the other quizzes this says you are cunning and inventive, especially when it comes to work. You’ll always find solutions.

  1. I didn’t need one second. 1. Wolf. It’s my Native American spirit/totem animal. I’m not Native American but I gladly accept the assignment. Looking into a wolf’s eyes leaves no doubt they are sentient beings to me.

      1. Thank you Ana! The picture of the lone wolf on the front of my truck has ridden with me on three different vehicles for 16 years. They are my favorite canine.

      2. My favourite t-shirt that I ever bought in my life Daniel was a t-shirt I bought in Great Falls, Montana back in 1997 that showed a handsome looking silver wolf standing on a rock and howling at a giant full moon. 🙂

      3. That’s very similar to my front truck tag. The wolf is black standing on a rock howling at the moon in the background. I’d like to go do that from time to time. It’s such fun to do.

      4. Did you ever read that blog post Sherrie wrote about her conversing with a white wolf with blue eyes on that wild life nature reserve in Bavaria?

        She and the white wolf with blue eyes first spent time looking into one another’s eyes.

        Then the white wolf with blue eyes started howling at the moon.

        So Sherrie started howling at the moon.

        The white wolf with blue eyes looked at her much impressed and then licked her face and went on his way.

        A Lakota Sioux medicine man from the U.S. who happens to live in the same Bavarian village as Sherrie- when Sherrie told him about her experience- he told Sherrie that he always sensed the wolf was her totem animal – and that’s the reason they got on so well- she and the white wolf with blue eyes.

      5. That is remarkable and an experience of a lifetime. I ran across wolves in the Northwest and they seemed to sense I was not prey or predator to them. My totem animal is the wolf too. Their eyes are piercing. Yo can read their thoughts by their eyes. Sherrie and I also have Dragons. I believe her’s is the fire dragon and mine is the black water dragon. I used to contribute to a Lakota school. Lots of parallel paths in our palms my friend. No wonder we are the Blogoteers.

      6. Indeed some mysterious destiny has brought the Blogoteers together.

        My dad was raised one winter by a Cree Medicine Woman in the Peace River country of northern Alberta when my grandmother fell seriously ill and my grandfather was away working.

        My dad was 3 at the time.

        But he remembered everything she taught him about herbs and herbal medicines.

        My dad was often called by his friends to prepare remedies for them when they were sick.

        90% of the time, the remedies worked.

      7. That is such a great family story. What a skill your father had. Tiger Mom is a walking pharmacy of traditional Asian medicines. She’s constantly trying to cure me of everything she thinks is wrong. Finally she gave up and started researching exorcisms. I hope it doesn’t involve blood letting. 😀

      8. Well if you suddenly start levitating up off the bed, spinning your head around and start spewing French pea soup out of your mouth, remember to get Tiger Mom to video record it and upload to YouTube.

        The video will probably go viral. 😀

      9. So, reading you guys’ comments was like reading a mystery-action story. Very inspiring! Try reading the whole stream as I have, and you might feel as isnpired as I do 🙂

      10. Kiki Momo loves to stand on the boulder in my back yard in the roses and howl with me. Then we celebrate with a good hot chocolate and marshmallow topping. We are so bad@$$ 😀

  2. A dolphin. I fantasise about roaming the seas in a pod leaping in the air, eating fish, attacking sharks and surfing. Mind you I’d prefer to be an Orca though. In my mind, an Orca is a bigger more assertive dolphin!

    1. Seems you’re empathic, kind and accomodating, but you also like to have a reason to feel confident. You wish to sail through life not only capable of protecting, but also of keeping predators at bay by means of reputation. Very good! 🙂

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