Quiz – What do your favorite Actions say about you?

Welcome to a new Theme Quiz that will reveal what your favorite Actions have to say about you. All you have to do is read the question, then the choices, and please make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understood what each choice means. Do NOT read the interpretations before you’ve made your choice, and be completely honest. Be completely true to yourself, this is a MUST for a correct assessment. And most of all – Enjoy! : )

Which of the following Actions do you enjoy more?

  1. Drive
  2. Run
  3. Dance
  4. Knit
  5. Talk


  1. Drive – you’re independent and original; you like to have no one to answer to but yourself; you feel confident when you’re in control, and you usually manage things quite well; strong personality.
  2. Run – you’re dynamic and athletic, a fiery personality; modern and mundane even if not always in an obvious way, you’re sharp minded and positive; you’re realistic and grounded, but that doesn’t mean you don’t dream big, because you do.
  3. Dance – you’re an artist at heart, with deep emotions and a rich inner world; you unwind when you move, but you’re a fluid personality; anything but aggressive and combative, you’re sensual and sensitive.
  4. Knit – you’re an introvert and sometimes a philosopher; you use your hands to escape from reality to your own world; you can brood, and you can sometimes be obsessive; you may have a pleasant, accommodating personality that draws people to you.
  5. Talk – you express yourself without fear; you have a way with words and you can wield them well; you’re strong and often exuberant; you make an impression, and people might seek your company because you’re very interesting to be around.


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22 thoughts on “Quiz – What do your favorite Actions say about you?

    1. Seems you like to feel in control. It’s the only way you feel safe. In combination with some other of your quiz choices I’d say it’s the only way you don’t feel vulnerable.

    1. Used to be one of my favorite pastimes too, to be honest 🙂 Problem was that I was never particularly talented. Nevertheless, this shows a good listener and an understanding personality.

  1. I didn’t choke on this one, but the answer is rather odd for me. I chose 5. Talk, even though I prefer not to speak at all but as you might have guessed, once someone opens my door and steps into my world, I can’t shut up. I enjoy that person and enjoy losing myself in a spirited conversation. Ten years ago it would be run, hands down. I ran 56 miles a week on average and if I missed a day because of weather I felt unbalanced and edgy. But those days are looooong gone and I get my mileage in with anyone who is brave enough to start my motor in a conversation. 😀

    1. The way I know you, you are indeed an erudite, extremely kind and interesting person, dear muse, so your choice does not surprise me. I did expect the Run choice, though. Seems I would’ve been right in the past 🙂

      1. Yes, Run would have been my first and instant choice but I’m beginning to see myself not so much in how I identified myself from my life experiences but how I really am today. It seems those are two different people. Maybe it’s time to let the past me go and embrace the present me, whoever that rascal is. 😀

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