Special Quiz – What do your Meditation Moods say about you?

Welcome to the Thursday evening (at least on my side of the world) and to a special kind of quiz. This is a special piece of music made to probe the psyche, a piece that inspired me to write an entire novel, The Executioner. The music will help you relax and wind down and, most of all, probe yourself and learn something special about your psyche. Listen to the piece and answer the following question (during or better after you have listened to the end). Please do not read the interpretations until after you have made your choice and, most of all, sit back, relax and enjoy : )

Which of the following words suits your mood better?

  1. Ocean
  2. Sand
  3. Night
  4. Fog
  5. Peak


  1. Ocean – you are introspective and have a very rich inner world; you draw most strength from the inside, you’re intense and flowing and cohesive; deep and interesting, you have great intuition and instinctive knowledge of the human psyche.
  2. Sand – you are connected to the mysticism of the desert; ancient mystery is a part of your charm; it is built into your psyche and your soul structure, it’s part of who you are; time may be of special interest to you, same as alchemy and magic through science.
  3. Night – you have secrets, deep and intriguing and often outrageous; your psyche puts on a wicked grin at “scandalous”, and there are few things taboo or askew that you don’t understand; you’re a born creature of the night.
  4. Fog – you’re fascinating and compelling in the same way that the unknown fascinates and compels you; secret is part of who you are, and in many ways you’re an enigma to yourself; sometimes you’re afraid of what you may find in the misty depths of your psyche.
  5. Peak – you’re strong, a fighter; confident because there is no effort you would spare to reach your goals; you are limitless in your possibilities and high in your aspirations, you’re dynamic and open-minded; you can fight for a cause you believe in and you have what it takes to be a leader.


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19 thoughts on “Special Quiz – What do your Meditation Moods say about you?

    1. Glee, this means you don’t know yourself very well yet. There are plenty of things you have yet to discover about yourself, but you’re surely looking forward to the journey 🙂

  1. I went back and tried again. This time, I was definitely transported back to the desert and war. I heard the distant explosions and close in battle. Also, my heart and mind racing as I tried to check every ambush point while sprinting from cover to cover. I hear the mullahs calling the faithful to prayer or telling the enemy where we are. Over it all, I hear the soothing sound of the desert songs. I hear so many things related to the desert, war, and culture so it should be sand as my choice but it just seems to me that isn’t the best description of how I feel or what I know about myself although it isn’t entirely inaccurate either. What does this mean, I wonder?

    1. Very interesting! This says about you that you have very vivid memories and just as vivid an imagination – exquisitely so. You’re a master at mindfulness and can place yourself in about any situation 🙂

  2. I didn’t play the music on my iPhone here in a public restaurant but your choices- I have to say I’m equally drawn to two of them- ocean and fog.

    You can have fog in a city by the ocean and that’s actually when I love Vancouver best- on a foggy night when I wander the steets imagining I’m Sherlock Holmes in Victorian London and then I love hearing the fog horns sounding from the ships in Vancouver’s English Bay.

  3. This has never happened to me before. I didn’t connect at all to any of the choices. I actually listened and let myself go and got deep into it. I think it was the spurious sounds riding on the music. It seemed too noisy to connect to the word choices that bring to me specific feelings, sights, and sounds.

    1. Did the music put you in any meditative mood at all? The question is “what suits you BETTER (of the choices)” so that we choose what comes closer, because the five choices don’t express all possible moods. But it seems the music didn’t do anything for you. So maybe it didn’t let you connect.

      1. I did allow myself to reach a very deep meditative mood but the injection of spurious sound takes me a long way from the choices. None of them connect to what I experience through the sound of the music. Each of the words denote a specific sensation to me because I’m conditioned to all of them. It’s like listening to whales and donkeys while looking at the word elephant. They don’t connect for me. I think it’s just that particular song is incongruous to me but other works by the composer definitely would connect me to one or the other of the words. When I see the word sand, I think of the beach and the desert. When I see fog or night they conjure memories and expereinces. And ocean drives deep in my psyche because I spent more time in the ocean underwater than I did on the surface of it. Ocean has a tangible connotation to me. Pink Floyd’s Meddle is as close to oceanic music as I’ve ever experienced. So the problem I guess is that I don’t distinguish one choice as better than another when thinking about the experience of the music. If one of the choices was busy street traffic, I think I might have identified with that.

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