THURSDAY QUIZ – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to the Daily Personality Test, the entertainment project on Top Topiks. One question. One choice. What does it say about you?


Which of the following words would you prefer for your free time if you were to make your decision on first sight? As usual, it’s necessary that you make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understand the meaning of each choice, and do so with complete honesty. Please do not read the interpretations before you’ve made your choice.

a) Friends; b) Sports; c) Books; d) Music; e) Secrets.


a) Friends – your social persona is strongest; you do well in groups, you’re well-liked, and group activities recharge you; you may be a bit of an energetic vampire; you make an impression and leave a mark; you’re comfortable in your skin, or at least in the persona you present to your group; you may do well in a job that requires working with the public; you’re most probably attractive, but may find it difficult with crushes, it seems when you like someone it’s unrequited; you have a strong personality, which is what may scare away the partners you go for.

b) Sports – you have high levels of energy; you use movement to unwind as well as mentally recharge; your mental vitality depends on the state of your body; contrary to what people may believe of you, you’re less focused on sex than most – probably because you can easily get it; you prefer putting that energy in something you consider more constructive; physical activity may be your me-time; you may be the type that causes those teen-kind of crushes.

c) Books – your mind is your world, which is rich and rewarding; you have a vast and colorful personality; you’re the entrancing type of person; you may often open your mouth to speak, but change your mind and close it again, because you think it’s more worth it to accumulate than to talk; your mind is like a bottomless sack, you can never get enough knowledge; you have a high ability to put yourself in other people’s skin; you’re interesting and multi-faceted, and people are drawn to you as they sense that.

d) Music – you’re very emotional; you’re all about the soul and the universe, depth and fantasy; you have the heart of an artist, even if you’re a business person; emotion and beauty help you unwind and transpose you in the world you want to be in; you use music as a channel, but the place it puts you in is within yourself; music brings you to that part of yourself that you like best, to your core; you may or may not know it, but the way you move and the look in your eyes – probably when you’re unaware you’re being watched – are very attractive.

e) Secrets – you’re sensual and a bit dark; you’re not afraid of the most shocking parts of life and heart, you may even enjoy dealing with them; you’d probably make a good therapist, especially because there’s little that scares you off, if anything; you may get angry at criminals of pleasure, but that may be pretty much your only hard limit; you will put in the necessary hard work to get at the bottom of things if you are motivated; a powerful and fascinating presence, you may be a bit eccentric.

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19 thoughts on “THURSDAY QUIZ – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

  1. Weird – I can’t seem to help but leave my results in the comments. Music – with Secrets a very close second. Seems to be a choice between the known and the unknown. I went the safe route – aw, that’s no fun. 🙂

    1. What’s important is that you make your decision on “first sight” after you understood the meaning of each choice. In a comment before it’s mentioned that this helps strip the layers, even if they are really close to the core of our personality. We are shaped by so many factors it’s as good as impossible to get at the core of who we really are. This is why the choice must be made in certain comparisons, and on “first sight”. 🙂 I guess this means Music is more “you” than “secrets”. I like make comparisons to clothes: Music is the panties, Secrets is the pants. Music is closer to the real skin.

  2. I chose c)books

    When I read d)music I first thought of the incredibly bad taste music Vancouver car drivers play in their cars.

    It was afterwards I thought what about my own musical tastes- baroque, jazz and swing.

    Of course ideally I’d be sitting reading a book while listening to baroque, jazz or swing.

  3. I actually know that B is my preference but reading is more a part of my life than sports or strenuous activity from a time share perspective so I sort of teetered on both. B is my preference, but C carries more weight. I’m all over the place like that. Chaos reigns supreme with my head elves. Great quiz once again!

      1. This is because sports is so inherently “you”, but during your life books have also had a great impact. In order to discover what’s at the core of our personality we have to make the decisions from certain combinations, and oftentimes quickly.It’s what helps peel off the layers, even if they are often one with our skin.

      2. I can’t wait to peel more. I should start taking notes from each quiz. It might reveal the true personality of the Dragon Master, ( Hyperion, LOL!)

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