TUESDAY Personality Test – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to the Daily Personality Test, the entertainment project on Top Topiks. One question. One choice. What does it say about you?


Which of the following places would be the perfect haven for you? Please make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understand the meaning of each choice, and keep in mind that complete honesty is an absolute must for a correct assessment.

a) a beach house on an exotic island; b) a cottage in the mountains; c) a penthouse with view to the city skyline; d) a Gothic castle on a cliff; e) your parental home.


a) a beach house on an exotic island – you’re the free spirit; you thrive on oceanic feeling and infinity; you like experimenting new sensations and emotions; you like them strong and electrifying; you’re forever young at heart, and your fantasy knows no boundaries; you don’t let everyday life constrain you more than you must; you’ll always strive to surpasses your limits.

b) a cottage in the mountains – you’re the intellectual, the wise man and sometimes the witch; you value solitude and nature, the hidden that you can explore; your sharpest weapon is your mind, although you might not lack physical agility and strength, since the mountains aren’t everyone’s terrain; at mind you’re a shape-shifter, and you value you connection to nature; often highly intelligent.

c) a penthouse with view to the city skyline – you aim for success; most people are afraid of heights and therefore afraid of making it big – not you though; you’re confident you have what it takes, and sometimes your ends will justify the means; your mind is sharp and direct, you don’t take roundabouts if you don’t have to; you make good connections to people and you may have a talent to motivate and lead; you don’t waste time.

d) a Gothic castle on a cliff – you’re the artist and the genius; you may have a talent for the occult and love the night; you have a keen sixth sense and an inclination for psychology; you’re not afraid of the murkiest basements of the mind, yours or others’; you rarely judge and you’re hard to surprise; you can go to depths and open doors to places others fear to tread.

e) your parental home – you respect tradition – though you may not live by it – and you have high morals; you’re honest and kind-hearted; you have high expectations from yourself and significant others; you may have gotten hurt often in life due to your trusting nature; you may have transformed because of these experiences.

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12 thoughts on “TUESDAY Personality Test – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

    1. Thank you so much, Gary! I’m very grateful to Hyperion Sturm for having drawn your attention to Top Topiks, and I’m honored that you should feel that way. I truly am.

  1. I didn’t have to think about my choice. It’s a dream that never left me for decades. I want B) a cottage in the mountains. But I do have to admit The island beach house and the Gothic castle aren’t bad vacation ideas. Another super quizz, Ana! You just keep bringing your A game every day!

    1. The cottage in the mountains is a very attractive choice to me too. I’d also have to struggle with the beach, being such a water person, but less with the Gothic castle. Admittedly, all this reasoning came after the choice, way after the first 5 seconds LOL

      1. Yes I saw mountain cottage and I don’t think anything else registered. IT wasn’t until after I chose the cottage that I became interested in trying the other two.just cause they are waaaay kool! 😀

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