SATURDAY Personality Test – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to the weekend personality test. Today we’re looking at fears. Please remember to stay honest to the core, and keep in mind that no one has to know your choice. It’s for you and you alone, so there’s no reason to feel protective of this sensitive part of yourself. In future personality tests we will explore this part more. Also, remember to make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understand the meaning of each choice. Please do not look at the interpretations before you’ve made your choice.


Which of these are you more afraid of?

a) Rottweilers; b) Snakes; c) Rats; d) Killers; e) Knives.


a) Rottweilers – you’re hard-working and determined; you kind of like routine; you’re comfortable with a pattern; you prefer being extraordinary at one or a few things than mediocre at many; you are trustworthy, and you can become downright violent when protecting those you love; you usually fight fair, but you may be unpredictable.

b) Snakes – you have a devious mind; you’re intelligent and cunning, cautious by nature, always expecting the worst; you can think of really scary scenarios, and are afraid of them in return; you don’t normally react on impulse; you plan ahead and pay attention to detail, but your attacks can be swift and deadly.

c) Rats – you’re wiser than you may think, and when faced with a fight-or-flight situation, you know what to choose; you can rely on your mind; you don’t normally fight losing battles or militate for lost causes; you see the value of time, and make the best use of it; you have a talent at spotting falsity.

d) Killers – one of your strengths is your fantasy; you have rich imagination, and you know how to make use of it in daily life; you may be a good artist, or a creative business person; you’re good at improvisation, which often makes you a situation-saver; people turn to you for solutions and ideas; you often anticipate your rivals’ scenarios.

e) Knives – you’re powerful and speak your mind; you go straight to the point and resent roundabouts; you’re an action person, and you’re quick to take it; you may be physically strong and particularly resilient; you’re often cold and calculated, and you have enough self esteem to fear your own kind.

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14 thoughts on “SATURDAY Personality Test – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

  1. This was fun! Thank you. I chose killers. I was tunnel visioned, seeing only the bad sort of evildoer.

    Can I suggest something? I was extremely afraid of snakes, but I do organic gardening and have a large compost area. Each year I will see several snakes. This year I made a promise to myself that I would capture a live one and head down to visit our animal control officer. He determined that I have rat snakes, I also learned that snakes are territorial, meaning: if you have one species, another species comes along, it will not take over the claimed territory.
    Well, before leaving the Control Center, I asked the officer if he could teach me how to hold a snake, and he did. Oddly enough, that experience changed my life. I have great respect for the roll they play in keeping down the rodent population! BTW, I brought my friend back home and put him right where I’d found him. Hopefully, I’ll see him and his family come spring.

    1. Wow, that’s a great story! I admire your ability to confront your fear of snakes. Mine is of not of snakes, but I deal with it as well, mostly because I don’t have much way around it LOL.

  2. I chose D) Killers. There are all kinds of killers like large crocodiles, apex predators, and small microbes. They aren’t to be taken lightly or agitated for sport. The others I can deal with easy enough. Once I made that choice I found the description fit well in my professional life. Once again, you are conversing with my head elves and they like it.

      1. I didn’t realize I might be doing that but it is exactly what I thought. I am keenly aware of the things that can harm me and my loved ones where ever I go. Killers come in all forms and it’s always made sense to me to give them their proper attention. I don’t have phobias just healthy respect 😀

      2. Respect is the right way to go with all our hopes and fears. LOL! @ being cool. I hang out with cool people and they have a big influence on me 😉

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