Shocking Psychology Facts

Here is another top 5 Shocking Psychology Facts! And we’ll keep them coming, folks 🙂

  1. Critique harms more than it helps. Even a perfectionist will be caused to under perform if they’re criticized. There is no such thing as “constructive criticism.” If we are to criticize, we should start with praise, continue with our points of critique, and conclude with further praise.
  2. The bystander effect. When people are uncertain, they do what they see others doing, thinking that if others do it, it must be the right thing. That’s why people often stand around and watch other people being mugged or beaten – it’s often not fear, but self-doubt, mistrust in the own perception, which causes them to do what they see others do around them.
  3. People tend to be more honest when they feel someone is watching them, even if it’s only a picture on a wall.
  4. Depression doesn’t only affect the mind, but also the body. Studies show that “severe” depression causes cells to age, and makes people more susceptible to age-related disease.
  5. There is little difference between being in love and having obsessive-compulsive disorder. The biochemical reactions are almost identical.


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34 thoughts on “Shocking Psychology Facts

  1. Interesting! Allow me to share my thoughts.

    1. It takes a lot of maturity to absorb negative critiques without a strongly reacting, I mean getting angry or upset or firing back, especially if in front of others.
    2. We can all try to be bold not to be caught by this =)
    3. Fear of repulse of others?
    4. I would say not only depression, but any mind condition such as excessive fear, anxiety, phobia etc.
    5. It makes sense!

    I recently wrote something that correlates to this, take a look if you have some time.

  2. This was interesting! Thanks for sharing these facts. I heard of the by-stander effect but I thought it happened because we thought, “Others can do it. So why should I?”. This gives a better understanding.

    The point against criticism was particularly helpful. I like that the method to critique was provided (praise – critique – praise). Thanks.

    I wrote an article applying Psychology to catch lying in others. If interested, do give it a read here:

    1. I’m pretty certain you can easily find titles about each aspect on the internet. I usually go with C.J. Jung and a whole pile of university books for my posts. I wouldn’t trust the new studies, though… I’ve recently seen one about watching TV not being helpful in learning foreign languages, which is preposterous. Entire Eastern European countries learned English from old Stallone and van Damme movies 🙂 So I’d only trust academic works or works by academics, even if they’re written more for the general public. No studies, those are often written by some guy eating popcorn behind his computer, comissioned for 100 bucks. Real studies cost serious money, and only a handful get funds nowadays.

      1. Yes – I’m in academia so pretty aware of the funding issues that can be faced and tracking down credible sources. I’ll have a look through some of the literature databases in that case. I just thought if you had the references on hand from writing the post it would be useful!

    1. Well, I think it’s a matter of habit and personality type. There are people who don’t go overboard criticizing, and then there are Virgoes – LOL, but true. People in Virgo are, for example, natural critics. But that’s just their in-built way of showing you they care – by pointing out where you can get better. That’s just an example. I, for example, will rarely citicize. It just doesn’t come naturally for me. And, of course, I’m not a Virgo 🙂

      1. Me too – I am often told off for interfering in street situations. But I think this is because I am older and have learned. When I was young I remember screaming for help in a crowded street and everyone just staring blankly.

    1. Completely agree with you! As a teacher it has been proven to me over and over again that everybody has special talents, and some of them are so awesome that teachers can rarely even guess! But criticism crushed many a potentially great personality.

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