What does Carl Jung say about you?

Carl Jung was one of the most remarkable psychologists and psychiatrists of all times. Known as the father of analytical psychology, he went to med school in order to understand human nature better. Here are some of his wise teachings – which one resonates with you best?

  1. “Don’t keep around yourself the people who don’t want to be there, because there will be no room left for those who truly want to know you.”
  2. “Things you resist will persist.”
  3. “Depression is like a lady in black. If she comes to you, don’t send her away. Invite her to take a seat and listen to what she has to say.”
  4. “Where love reigns there’s no desire for power. Where power reigns, there’s no desire for love.”
  5. “Show me a sane man, and I’ll cure him.”

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23 thoughts on “What does Carl Jung say about you?

    1. So glad to read your thoughts! Indeed, I’m a fan of Jung too, he truly is something special. Freud was the way-opener, but Jung was the way-broadener. I hope you enjoy the next articles as well!

  1. They are all good statements by a profound individual but I go with #1. I’ve no time for anyone except those that truly want to connect and ride the rollercoaster with a little screaming and a lot of maniacal laughter. 😉

    1. That’s truly a task for very strong personalities – clearing their environment of harmful people. Mostly we stay in a certain entourage because we’ve grown accustomed or so interlaced with people that we don’t see how “unlacing” is even possible. They say we are the sum of the 6 people are are most often around us 🙂

      1. Uh oh! I’m in trouble. The six people around me are all related to me and stubborn. I protect myself by locking the door and putting on my headphones. 😂.

  2. Wow, I’m very much impressed by these words. It’s quite difficult to choose one. Anyway after much thought I’ve come to a conclusion…..I go with #1 and #5

    1. LOL, very good, dear Gary! This means (not just the choice but also your explanation says that) you have a talent of seeing to the core of people; of seeing that something that is special about everybody; it may actually even go quickly.

    1. As passionate as me, dear Rosie 🙂 I admit to a tiny bit of obsessive tendencies though, I can’t let go of something I invested passion in (or someone). Do you think it’s the same with you?

    1. Typically for someone refined, who feels to the core what the true values are. You sure have strong morals, and quite some powerful though flexible principles.

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