Personality Test – What do your Love quotes say about you – Part II

Exploring what our Loves say about us is a nearly inexhaustible pursuit, for which reason here we go with a new personality test that will reveal some more about what your feelings and mind-set about love say about you. Read the following quotes an decide which one of them resonates with you best:

  1. “And remember, as it was written, to love another person is to see the face of God.” Les Miserables
  2. “To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.” Tolis
  3. “I saw that you were perfect so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” Angelita Lim
  4. “In order to be happy oneself it is necessary to make at least one other person happy.” Theodor Reik
  5. “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” Plato


  1. To you, love is the purpose of all existence, and intense love is where you imagine the peak of your life ; you exist to find the purest bliss of love; you do value sensation in love, you want to get high on it, to experience both the adrenaline and the deep calmness of it; you were born to be a lover.
  2. Requited love gives you power and energy; you’re all about hunger and passion and fire as long as it’s requited; you might’ve had some painful experiences with unrequited love, which has hardened your skin, so to say; your heart is a place hard to reach, but once done, it’s quite a ride.
  3. You’ve had painful experiences in life, and you appreciate a human and humane lover above all else; you have wisdom and deep understanding and tolerance for the human being; your ability of loving – and even desiring – imperfect people makes you quite a valuable gem.
  4. You’re all about selflessness, and you’re also a positive, happy person; you’re kind, generous and sweet, a young soul, the soul of the spring; you’re hopeful and bright and you can really lighten up another human being’s life; beware of negative, depressive characters that might drain and consume you attempting to save themselves.
  5. You’re creative, sensitive and a dreamer; you’re an idealist with really strong emotions; you may actually be a rather conscientious person in everyday life, but when it comes to matters of the heart you can change into a magician; you’re not philosophical about love, you feel more than you intellectualize, and you can give your lovers the experience of their lives.

And since Eros (love) and Thanatos (Death) are so closely interlinked with each other it’s only logical that the next personality test will explore what your Death Quotes say about you, coming up on Wednesday. Stay tuned for an intense one!

Enjoyed this? Plenty more personality tests for you here! I’d love to hear from you in a comment and, to prove my love and appreciation, I’ll keep the personality tests coming. A very special next personality test on Death Quotes is due the following days, and a new chapter of The Executioner tomorrow, the Part II of which is due for release in about a month! Check out the entire part I here, and stay tuned for a new episode of the free online novel The Marquis on Friday! : )


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15 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Love quotes say about you – Part II

  1. I read them all carefully and the one that resonated stood out loud and clear. No ambiguity with this one. The description was spot on except where it describes the impact on another. There, I cannot allow myself to judge my worth but it was nice to read anyway.

    1. You’re such a fresh and refreshing person! People must love to be around you. There may have been people in your life who failed to appreciate you, but they SURE got it later in life, when they realized that what you offered isn’t so easy to find.

    1. Oh, dear Sara, this means you love humanity! Whether you know it or not you’re a profound and tolerant soul. There’s very little that you can’t find empathy for, even though forgiveness might not always come easy.

  2. 1 speaks to me becuase I believe God is love and it is and always has been the center of my mind set. Despite heartbreak over and over from the very beginning of my life I believe true and real love comes right when you need it. I love easily but in different degrees. And 5 i feel deep in me too becausr i feel love has always been hatd to define , I mean people have been trying to do it sense the beginning of time, cause its such a deep feeling that is unique to every host and can only be compaired to things or feelings eveyone is familiar with….thats where the poetry comes from.

  3. Also just wanted to point out (you probably know this just checking) Eros is the Greek word used to describe lust like love….sexual and temptation. Agape is the Greek word for deep real and unconditional love (like the love of God).

      1. Id be happy to! I just braught it up cause the end of this quiz yoy mensioned Eros and just wasnt sute if you where previously awate of this difference. (In The Bible Gods love is described as Agape.)

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