Personality Test – What do your Desire quotes say about you?

Welcome to a new personality test everybody! Today we’ll look at what our feelings about Desire say about our personality. Please read the following quotes and decide which one resonates with you best?

  1. “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” Ayn Rand
  2. “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” Plato
  3. “We do not succeed in changing things according to our desire, but gradually our desire changes.” Marcel Proust
  4. “The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear.” Brian Tracy
  5. “It is much easier to suppress a first desire than to satisfy those that follow.” Benjamin Franklin


  1. You’re a true fighter, but things go much deeper than that with you! You’re as good as obsessed with authenticity and meaning. You don’t compete for the sake of competition, you compete only when you truly believe in a cause. You’re driven and motivated by things you believe in.
  2. Whether you know it or not, you’re an intense person. You’ve known intensity of feeling, curiosity and a wide range of other emotions that have turned you into a people-knower; you may be patient and a good observer, and a philosopher at heart.
  3. You’re a well-grounded person; you may feel life has beaten you quite a few times, and you may have little tolerance for escapism, laziness or too big dreams; you have a strong sense of reality and you’re very responsible; you take your duties very seriously; you’re reliable for others, but you may have sacrificed yourself often.
  4. You’re an optimist, and people may often seek your company for motivation and getting their spirits lifted. But you often need a good word yourself, a hand to pull you out of the quicksand that you sometimes feel sucks you in. Life seems to have a way of challenging you yet more with every victory you seem to have won. It’s like providence is constantly working to make you stronger.
  5. You’re a person of reason and high intelligence; you’re super controlled, hard on yourself and others; you’re calculating and you struggle to keep a cool head in every situation; you have very strong emotions, and in your childhood or youth the intensity of your emotions may have caused you some trouble, which is the reason you consciously chose suppression.


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27 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Desire quotes say about you?

    1. You seem to be a real people lover, never trying to crush anybody, which surely earns you true friendships; you might have to be careful not to be taken advantage of though.

    1. Profound choices 🙂 With your permission I venture to say you’re not only an observer, but you also love accumulating knowledge. You may become a scholar in time.

    1. Popular, you mean the kind of perspective it’s most useful to have these days, or truly the right perspective to have generally? 🙂 In either case, this says about you that you’re optimistic but also realistic. Thank you for sharing, dear Rosie.

    1. Dear Miriam, it sounds like you’ve come to one of those points in life where you need a shoulder. You may be normally optimistic, self-sufficient and joyful, but it seems you’d now like some powerful inspiration that you can truly believe. Some truly valuable support.

      1. You’re so right Ana. More than you could possibly know. Thank you kindly, always, for your insightful comments. xo

  1. I like #1, #2, and #4, but #1 is the lighthouse I steer by. Everything I did was all about pushing myself and anyone that wanted to join was welcomed but it was never a competition with others I needed or wanted. It was always about finding my limits and then finding a way to push those limits to a new boundary. I wasn’t afraid to lose or fail. I understood there were many others who were better. I didn’t have to be better than the rest. I had to be better than I was. If I failed, I tried harder. That sense of accomplishment was my reward.

    1. Dear cuzz, it seems that your complexity won’t allow itself be stripped to any one essential element, but it builds into a multi-faceted singularity, so to say. I’m strengthened in my opinion that wisdom – deep-felt, core wisdom – is probably the trait that describes you best. You seem to have a grip on your emotions without suppressing them. You’re able to keep a very refined balance.

      1. Thank you, Ana. It’s a struggle at times and I wander from my Yoda self to my Darth Vader self and back again but I do always look beyond the surface of everything I survey. And just to pass on some good news, Chris got a job that Sara pointed him to. It’s a very happy little Blogoteer group today.

      2. Wow, cuzz, that is fantastic!!!!! See, how God takes care of all things. I just commented on his last poetry a few minutes ago before you told me. By the way, I roamed your side for new posts, are there any new goodies for your old cuzz as good-night stories? 🙂 I can’t seem to find my way on the blog LOL

      3. Look at the home page and at the bottom is Act 6 of the Dragons. The story about Faith. It’s a brand new perspective told from Hyperion’s point of view. I’m dying to know what you think. I really took a chance on this one.

      4. Cuzz! I just saw I wasn’t following your blog anymore, which is very strange because I never unfollowed! So I now follow again, but please know I never hit the Unfollow button in the first place, I have no idea how this happened… Or did you change your blog? Is this another one (Return of Dragons?)

      5. No problem, WordPress has been dropping followers from people’s blogs for several months now. Everyone just refollows and keeps going. I made some superficial changes to the blog and changed the title and added the home page which links out to the blog or the complete dragon tales. The upper right corner has a menu button as well. A lot of people told me it was too hard to keep up with all the chapters because they disappeared in the background clutter so I combined all the chapters of each act on pages and provided the links. I had Faith as Origins for a while. I reached for a dramatic opening and of course am not sure if I didn’t reach a little too far so I’ve edited it 30 times. Faith is the first Dragon Sister and she is the one that brought Hyperion into the Black Dragon Society which led to all the stories. In Origins, I’ll reveal how the Sisters got their powers and some of the inner workings of the Dragons and their society by telling it through Hyperion’s eyes as told to him by Faith and also some of their adventures together as well. Faith and Hyperion make Raul and Gloria look like Sunday School teachers. This series will have some raw edges.

      6. I’m super looking forward! I started reading Faith actually, then the accountant – finally got a good one! – ripped me from the reverie. I’ll be back by tonight to finish it. Speaking about fantasicus interruptus LOL

      7. Bwaaa Haaa haaaaaa! Fantasicus Interruptus is going in my dictionary of favorite terms. 😂. Faith is my first attempt without your expert guidance. I hope I graduated or else it’s back to class.

    1. You’re so very welcome, dear Gary 🙂 The way I’ve come to know you at least a bit through your choices to the tests, I’d say the description fits you. I’d add that, even though you rarely compete, when you do you’re a feared competitor because you’re so driven. How do you see yourself? Would you say the description at #1 fits you?

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