Personality Test – What do your Fear quotes say about you?

As promised, here is a personality test that will reveal what your beliefs about Fear say about you. Please read the quotes below and choose the one that best represents your true beliefs. Your choice will reveal a far-reaching truth about your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt
  2. “It is better to be feared than loved, if you can’t be both.” Niccolo Machiavelli
  3. “And the things that we fear are a weapon to be held against us.” Ian Rush
  4. “Humble souls are fearful of their own strength.” William Gurnall
  5. “I hasten to laugh at everything, for fear of being obliged to weep.” Pierre Beaumarchais


  1. You’ve experienced fear quite often, and you really feel it imprisons you; you may struggle to find a remedy against it, understand it and seek to free yourself from its shackles; you may have a lot to lose, and you’re a very cautious person; your innate strength is cautiousness; you should cultivate it in positive ways, losing the fear.
  2. You’re a tough person, and your friends may see you as the epitome of ‘strong’; you may sometimes feel that the goal justifies the means; you can be very calculated and even dangerous; you’re dignified, and you may have suffered a great deal in your youth; your innate strength is toughness.
  3. You seek to defeat your fears; you seek to face them and master them; your innate strength is intelligence; you may always be a step ahead of your opponents in matters of strategy; you’re often honest, but diplomatic instead of straight-forward; you try to be fair, but you don’t expect to be treated the same.
  4. If you truly understand and feel this quote to the core you are a deeply wise person; you don’t fear your own strength in terms if what you might achieve, but in terms of the atrocities you’re capable of; you may seem very kind and sweet – even to yourself – but you’re capable of great cruelty provided with the right reason.
  5. You’re witty and sometimes sarcastic, sharp-tongued and even poisonous; to you, it’s not about being hurt as much as it is about being offended; clever and quick, you may be quite fascinating at least to people of the same sex; people want to be like you; you may be an influencer.

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21 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Fear quotes say about you?

  1. I found this hard as I struggled to find the ones I associated most, I struggled to understand some, so left them the others I eliminated and come up with 1 and 3 which seems to suit quite well and they kind of go together it seems too.
    I hope you’re well Ana 🙂

    1. It seems you have the power to soothe yourself when the times get tough, which is a great quality 🙂 You seem to be able to keep a cool head in most situations.

    1. I know that feeling very well, and I know many people who had to struggle with such emotions. We still have our moments, but mostly it got better, thank God.

  2. #3 best describes me now. I was not always that philosophical about fear. I learned to conquer it at an early age and master it as an adult. Fear is a natural condition but it can be controlled through the development of self-confidence, hard training, devoted study, and experience. When one takes an active role in developing a counter to fear it loses most of its power even though it may never completely disappear.

    1. This is so wonderfully put, dear cuzz. Indeed, we have to train ourselves to get over our fears and come to tame and master them. Maybe the comfort of civilization makes that hard. It’s incredible how many people out there struggle with anxiety and insomnia because of a sense of danger, which may stem from the realization that, stripped of these comforts, we’re at odds . . .

    1. You’re most welcome, dear Miriam, and I thank you for expressing your gratitude. It sounds like you master your fears, or at least you keep them under control. Judging by some of your previous choices to personality tests I’d venture to say that you’re a fighter, and you eventually come to terms with your fears and sometimes even anguish.

    1. It’s wonderful if you cna keep your fear in check, dear Chris. This choice normally shows that you might have quite a grood grip on it 🙂 Do you think that applies?

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