Quiz 2 – What is your Calling?

Welcome to Quiz 2 of the What is your Calling? Quiz Series, which will help you to discover yourself bit by bit, quiz by quiz. Put together, your choices of answer will create an individual picture that I will help you interpret. This is the question of Quiz 2:

Which of the following words attracts you most of the five?

  1. Running shoes
  2. Book
  3. Talk-show
  4. Facebook
  5. Silk


  1. Running shoes – you’re made for a career that involves movement; you’re a worker and an achiever; you have your eyes fixed on your goals, and you’re willing to put in the effort to attain them; you’re not exempt from fear, but you usually don’t let it beat you.
  2. Book – your inclinations are for an intellectual career; you think a lot about the world and its systems, you’re good at spotting details but you also understand the big picture; you’d make a good teacher, professor or mentor.
  3. Talk-show – you’re a good listener; if you chose this answer, then this talent of yours is a hidden one, you may not have guessed yourself; you’re a good observer, and you see beyond appearances; you’re good at unmasking strategies, therefore you’d be good at making them.
  4. Facebook – you’re a visual person, and today’s economy is well-ingrained in your mind; therefore you may have a ‘monetary’ way of thinking, which may block your true potential; force yourself to think outside the box, focusing on the activity that satisfies you most; analyze it, and you’ll find your potential.
  5. Silk – you’re a ‘tactile’ person. You probably enjoy doing things with your hands, and you’d make a good craftsperson; you can further explore and go individual on your talent by analyzing the kind of activities that you enjoy most or are best at, or that help you unwind.

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I’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and feelings in a comment and, if you like, especially your chosen answer to this quiz. You know I’m always super curious : )

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16 thoughts on “Quiz 2 – What is your Calling?

  1. Hi Ana, the words that attracted me the most were running shoes but it was interesting because in my mind I immediately substituted them for walking shoes!

    1. Aha, that’s very interesting, Miriam 🙂 I’d say that you’re not “running” towards your goals, but rather “walking” toward them, with wisdom and forethought 🙂 It’s also very cool, since you I know you enjoy travelling very much. This choice goes very well with that.

    1. Dear Rosie, it seems your calling has indeed to do with knowledge (accumulating and/ or conveying it), wisdom and surely, if not mentorship (since I don’t know yet how attracted you are to that), surely helping others. You are a helper from the heart. I’m looking forward to exploring this further with you in the next quizzes.

  2. I was simultaneously drawn to Book and Silk, but silk set my senses on fire. I have a passion for Asian silk with printed Asian motifs. The look and feel of it on my love is exquisite. And I do many crafts with my hands. I tink this fits the me I am today. 😀

    1. Dear cuzz, your explanation says about you that you experience the world through touch, that you understand its meaning through your pores; you may be a sponge of emotions, which is probably the bottomless well of your wisdom.

      1. I think this one was spot on. That’s how I see myself and the previous quiz seemed to go there too. It could be an important aspect of what drives me. The absence of close contact with my hobbies and TM leaves me feeling empty and unfulfilled. I need that to recharge and feel whole. It actually might also be the thing that drives me to desire solitude because I want something I can’t have and I need to distance myself from it. Very interesting thing to explore. Maybe a locked alcove in my mind mansion has been unlocked. I should probably run. No telling what else is in there. 😂

  3. My first inclination was Silk followed closely by #2. Books

    But reading the interpretation of #5. – that really didn’t describe me at all. I’m not a crafts person.

    Of course when I saw the word Silk, I immediately thought of silk nylons on a beautiful woman.

    That may not be what most people have on their mind when they see the word Silk.

    As a friend of mine in University once said, “You seem to have sex on the brain, Christopher.”

    And then he added, “That’s probably because nobody has told you yet that you don’t do it there.”

    I don’t imagine though one could make a career out of making love to beautiful women could one?

    Although there are gigolos aren’t there?

    I remember years ago back when I was in a 5 star luxury hotel on the lake at Coeur-de-Lane, Idaho, an older woman did mistake me for a gigolo when I was walking through the hotel lobby.

    Hm, spending the rest of my days at a career humming those David Lee Roth lyrics, “I’m just a gigolo…”


    I wonder what my dad would think?

    So I’ll just go with #2. Books.

    1. Dear Chris, you may be a more “tactile” person than you think 🙂 The fact that crafts haven’t been nurtured throughout your life, it doesn’t mean you lack talent or inclination. It may be that your talent goes towards a very fine and sensitive craft that has nothing to do with smithing 🙂 There are smiths and there are those who make the smallest electronic devices, as there are those whom women pay to touch them. I’m sure you see my meaning 🙂

      1. I was actually thinking about this and the reason I thought no. 5 didn’t apply to me was because I was a disaster in Industrial Arts class back in Junior High School.

        I couldn’t do woodworking or metal crafts at all.

        The fact that I didn’t lose any body parts in that class is a miracle.

        But then I remembered today that back in Grade 6, my teacher for Art period had us working in Clay for about a period of 6 weeks.

        I remember I made 4 different clay models of dinosaurs- a Stegosaurus, a T-Rex, a triceratops and a brontosaurus.

        My teacher was quite impressed.

        And so was my dad.

        And so was I.

        I had actually made dinosaurs that looked like real dinosaurs.

        I’d forgotten all about that.

        If I could afford clay, maybe I would be good at making clay figures and figurines.

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