Quiz – What do your Spells say about you?

Hey, welcome to a special Theme Quiz – What do your Spells say about you? Please read the question, then the choices, and make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understood what each choice means. Don’t read the interpretations before you’ve made your choice, and be completely honest. And most of all – Enjoy! : )

Which of the following “Spells” do you feel most drawn to?

  1. Delicate as roses and mighty as lava may his love be
  2. High as the falcon may we fly, and a king’s sceptre may we hold
  3. Hard to grasp as the spirit may we be, and fast as wind may we travel
  4. Bow their heads they shall, and stretch their hands with gifts
  5. Wise words may the spirit whisper in our ear, and truths may he reveal


  1. Love – Love and passion are your highest values; they’re what you crave most and what you offer best; it’s what gives you energy and your most beautiful fantasy; it is the meaning of your life to find true love;
  2. Control – You need to know everything that happens in and around your life and keep a grip on it; it’s the only way you feel safe; success is your goal, and you have a talent to see the “big picture;” you place great value on information;
  3. Freedom – You value freedom most; commitment isn’t your cup of tea; you like sensations, the unpredictable; you’re jovial and friendly, but don’t let anybody get too close or invade your private sphere; you may be an air sign;
  4. Power – What you desire is to be a leader; you’ve proven to yourself you can make good decisions for yourself and for others; your life goal is power; you like organizing and managing, and you take pleasure in building strategies;
  5. Knowledge – What you crave most is knowledge; you may love to read and feel drawn to secrets and history (probably ancient history most); you’re an observer, witty and calm; you like your moments alone with yourself, to meditate.

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28 thoughts on “Quiz – What do your Spells say about you?

    1. “Drawn” is always an interesting choice of word for flowers, because it opens possibilities: is the attaction visual, or does it have to do with the scent too? (I visually like roses, but the scent of lilac will always win me over, for example) 🙂 This is very important, because smell is such a force in matters of memory and inner timeline.

    1. Thank you so much, I’m really glad you enjoy them! I love it that you feel they’re useful for you. Knowledge and freedom often go hand in hand, which is probably why you felt drawn to 3 as well. You probably settled for 5 because knowledge and wisom require a certain amount of commintment in the end, and the free spirit is often sacrificed to that.

    1. 🙂 An assessment is only possible if you decide. Sure there’s a bit of everything in all of us. I also had difficulty choosing between 1 and 5 (yes, I take my own quizzes the day after I create them, LOL)

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