Quiz – One word for Secret. What does it say about you?

It’s Friday night (at least on my side of the map), and by now you might’ve noticed Fridays are my “dark and secret” evenings. So this one comes with a Quiz related to Night and Secrets.

Look at the picture below for a few seconds, and think of the word Secret. After these few seconds, what is the first word that comes to your mind? Share it in a comment, and I’ll get back at you with one of your darker personality traits, with focus on your darker strengths. I’m looking forward to learning about your trove of power. Enjoy!

Secret Prague

Pic source.

16 thoughts on “Quiz – One word for Secret. What does it say about you?

  1. You come upon many secrets in your daily life, dear Gary (Only you know how 🙂 ) You are hard to shock or even surprise. You probably learn more in one week than most people in years, which is why you have valuable insights into the human nature – and you know how to wield them to advantage.

    1. Imaginative to the very essense of your being. When you get to know people, you sense some of their hidden cravings, and you know how to exploit them. You don’t have many dark secrets of your own, and those you do are not necessarily dangerous.

    1. Wow. You make it hard, muse. Your secrets are so secret you don’t let them show themselves at all. You keep them locked down and, when you do present them, you do so by “courier” – special packaging, coated, well-dressed. 🙂 You ability to keep your true face a secret is something that gives you power.

      1. Hyperion

        A very apt analysis Ana! My discipline in that area is common among my breed. It’s part of the ethos and comes naturally.

    1. Dear Sara, you seem to feel all roads take to the same destination, no matter how you coat them. Here sunny, there dark, they all seem to converge. What may yet surprise you, is that your answer does not lead me to interpret suicice as suicide. But as as a desperate search for meaning. The ultimate secret for you is the ultimate Meaning, which seems to elude you as soon as you feel you grasp it. 🙂

    1. You seem to be still discvering yourself and your deepest secrets. You enjoy the journey, and you learn a lot along the way, but one thing stands out: you are more concerned with others than yourself. Altruistic, more concerned with your loved ones. This is a beautiful trait to have 🙂

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